4th of July fun ~ Photo post

~ FINALLY ~ posting this! Once it has been up a few days I’ll move the date to July (since it is now Sept) so that it is archived in order down the road. So sorry for the long ass delay.

Itching to get outside the city limits, Reuben, friend Sam, Sam’s girlfriend – who was visiting from Alaska – and I (River too) rented a cabin near Union Canal on the Olympic Peninsula. Robinhood Village was the name of the rentals. We stayed two awesome nights and soaked in the hot tub that was right outside our door. Most of us were pretty lazy but I managed some exploring and photos. The main theme was to relax and mull over some ideas and that is just what we did!

An odd for sale sign..

The wooden figure-head on the bow of the old boat.

Water droplets on a low-lying spider web. River and I went exploring and took the following pictures.

What I believe is a Wild Rose. They grew along the roads.

The still-working waterwheel.

A closeup of the spout.

The wheel in motion.

Tiny periwinkle flowers.

The base of an old tree among the Foxgloves.

The traditional bright pink Foxgloves.

The petals were starting to fall and the leaves on the stalks had many resting upon them.

Foxglove with the creek in the background.

What I feel is a nice closeup shot of the traditional ‘purple’ Foxglove. By this point River is wandering off in the other flowers which – according to her – are more exciting than this particular flower.

White Foxglove. I think I like the subtle white more than the traditional purple.

The low-lying ‘self heal’ or Prunella vulgaris. Another one of those ‘weeds’ that is very useful!

This little guy is known as the ‘Common Garter Snake’. Soon as I spotted him/her I quietly walked (fox-walked for those who know the term) till I was only a few feet away, while keeping River close on her leash with the ‘leave it’ command so she wouldn’t focus in on or go for the snake.

Closeup of the Garter snake. Once close enough to begin the knee stalking..I put River in a sit stay and dropped her leash so I could try to get closer and grab some different shots. She patiently waited.

His/her scale pattern. By this point the people who drive by on the road can see me kneeling with my camera taking pictures of what they think are ‘just rocks’ and are cracking jokes at me. Why can’t a girl just take pictures in peace away from the obnoxious mid 20s assholes???

I had a blast snapping pictures of this fellow. She was pretty secure and more curious than afraid. As long as I was more focused on getting the camera to do what I wanted then what the snake was up too, he didn’t slither off.

Snake Eyes. After stalking on my knees, quietly inching closer, holding my breath while I cautiously leaned forward to take the picture and then back off to see if I had it – I got the closeup I was going for… The eyes of the Snake! River is still holding her sit stay and just observing the area and pretending the Snake and I are not there (which is what a true ‘leave it’ and stay mean). She never once whined/barked/attempted to go to the snake. Not even a sniff!

A Douglas squirrel (I believe) in a fir.

Beautiful Iris along a quant shop’s drive that we bought wine at.

A HUGE Daisy. I’ve never seen such large daisies before! Most of the shops and inns had flowers everywhere. At some point I had to just tell myself to stop…

One of the ‘better’ photos that Reuben (love him dearly, but I think a photography class is in order..) took that I was willing to post of me! We were back on the Ferry headed towards the City (ugh back to the grind) or at least that is my excuse for looking forlorn.

He might have a goofy smile in this one BUT at least his face is centered! -I took the photo..

Cute Sailboat that Reuben (I believe) took a shot of. Figures that the boat is centered…

As you might have gathered – it was just a little windy on the Ferry – making a brand new sub species of ‘Flying River Rat’.

The 3 of us! As usual my damn hair is a mess (Reuben’s is worse since he had just given himself a haircut and looked more like a convict – hence the hat). So River gets the most photogenic award.

Overall the trip was a great success. We heard plenty of fireworks but compared to what I envision Seattle being on the 4th, was downright quiet. Being away from the hum of the city was my favorite next to the fresh clean air. Reuben and Sam were the ones who made it happen (such awesome guys) and us ladies just basked in the comfort of the cabin, hot tub and woods. My kinda 4th July.