Seattle & Washington

I moved to Seattle from Alaska in early 2012. I shared a living space with my than boyfriend Reuben (we are still friends to this day) who had moved to Seattle in 2011. Seattle was an interesting adventure. I am glad I went – even though my time was short. My Aunt Michele Roissier (my mother’s older sister) also known as my ‘Purple Aunt’ and her husband Dave live outside of Seattle, getting to spend time with them during my stint was great. River adjusted to City life like a pro. She throughly enjoyed how dog friendly Seattle is and came to visit me in the mall where I worked often.

Port of Seattle

Port of Seattle

I took a job for a few months in downtown Seattle and learned many things while selling Tea. Once I had learned what I thought I could and had grown tired of the retail world, I gave notice and took up some of my old dog clients on their offers to dogsit for a few weeks in Alaska. I was hooked, travel for work?! I continued to go back to Alaska for work and visits throughout my time in Seattle.

As I worked on myself and planned my future trips I started to unearth some of my old desires to grow. I signed up for more Tracker Classes on the East Coast. A whirlwind road trip across the country took Reuben, River and I through various national parks, Tennessee and finally – the Tracker School in NJ.


Rosie & Reuben

After his class Reuben went back to Seattle and I continued my classes and travels for the next month. I eventually made my way back to Seattle with not one but two Dachshunds as I had taken up the care of Rosie my Mother’s Dachshund –  who had been in the care of my Grammy Gail (Grandmother on Mom’s side) until she too passed. Reuben and I helped Rosie get rehabilitated from her lack of structure and losses.

Carleigh Fairchild – a friend from Coyote Tracks (cotef) also lived near Seattle. We rekindled our friendship and even got to spend a little time doing primitive skills and looking for wild edibles. While I didn’t spend nearly as much time as I wish I had in hindsight with Carleigh while living in Washington, I am glad for the time we did get as it spring boarded our friendship to what it is today – incredible.


Coastline view near Port Angeles WA

The other notable experience that happened in Washington is I attended a WildernessFusion Intro event that Carleigh hosted. She was taking some of their classes and her experiences made me curious about this School that I had heard so much about over the years, but couldn’t find much in the way of details (the School’s website was horribly designed and put me off).  After going to the intro I knew I needed to attend.

While Seattle can be very exciting and fun, it is also draining to me to be so surrounded by people. Some of my best memories in Washington are outside of the city and amongst the beautiful landscape. I felt very at home in a State I otherwise had no previous connection to. The Old Growth Trees could bring a tear to my eye with their presence. The life of the forest and how it grows was just amazing to me. Who knew their was such thing as Nurse Logs!


Ferns on the Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula is one of those landscapes that I could spend 5 years in and still not tire of. It has elements of Alaskan mountains, the raw coastlines and of course the hot springs, old-growth forests and rainforests. Stunning.


Frosted Trees on Hurricane Ridge

Living in the City was very trying for me at times, but I am also very grateful for the experience. I got over my intense prejudice of cities (I still don’t like most of them though) and learned many useful skills for being in and navigating large cities. These tools really helped me in my travels to Paris and London where Seattle is dwarfed in comparison.


Snoqualmie Falls, WA.

I really enjoyed getting to know the Pacific Northwest. I love the Northern Rainforests, Cascade Mountains, Islands everywhere, huge Ferns, so much green and diversity. I still miss the plethora of good coffee, good food and fascinating things about Seattle.


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