Mother’s Day

Another Mother’s Day arrives. This year I have no one to call – not Mom, not Grammy Gail Roissier. It’s a strange feeling, seeing everyone post on Facebook about their mom and grandmothers. All the loved mothers talking about what their families did with them to mark the day. Brunch, flowers, silly gifts, family time, breakfast in bed, all actions I can remember plotting with my brothers once. Who would pick up what, how to smuggle food into the house without her knowing, making sure all the little kids got a chance to sign the cards, delegate who was cleaning what so things were ready. Much like her birthday; we loved making her smile by showing up with coffee, cards and shit-eating grins to ‘surprise’ her like we did every year.  Now I find myself asking people if they can do x today then apologizing when I realize that unlike me, they have women to celebrate with in their lives.

This year’s Mother’s day is particularly sad. Mom, Grammy Gail now too and a good friend’s Mom just passed a few days ago. Sadness all around. For some strange reason it was the thought that ‘ I’ve no one to call this year..’ that really hit me. I’ve a few friends who are moms themselves, sure, and Barbara Myerson often likes to ‘mother’ me; but they have their own families to wish them a Mother’s Day. So I think of my siblings, reach out to the boys and check in.

I think George Washington summed it up beautifully in this quote ~

“My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.”

I cannot agree more. Even the things Mom did not teach us, she set the basis up for us to be able to learn them. People often compliment me, and I always think in that moment ‘it is because of Mom that I am this way’. It’s a testament to her love and care in the time they did have, that in a place where they are blundering young adult idjits trying to find their way in life without her, my brothers are truly caring and special men.

I hope that whoever you are, if you have the chance to look in your Mother’s eyes and tell her what she means to you (yes she knows, but hearing it aloud is like realizing it all over again), that you will. Regardless of where in life you are, what challenges you’ve had together and even if she was less then what you needed at times, that you still tell her what is in your heart. ~ This goes for everyone regardless of how your mom figure is related to you!

I’m happy for the memories we did make. I’m sad for the ones we won’t. Happy Mother’s Day people.

Grammy Gail Roissier, Mom & Joannie

Grammy Gail Roissier, Mom & Joannie

In Memory of my Mom – Reneé and my Grammy Gail ~ Joannie.