2000 and freaking 13!

As usual… Time has just flown by. It’s 2013 for the love of Gandalf! Bad pun I know but I recently saw the Hobbit 🙂 Was pretty good by the way but I didn’t find the 3D that enjoyable – still worth seeing on the big screen. The Holiday’s tend to suck any extra creativity and energy I have going. Holiday’s used to be stressful in a good way, but the last few years have been more like a marathon to keep from not being consumed by sad memories. This year I found myself broke (as usual) and dire need of trying something different for the ‘Holiday Season’. I was invited to New Mexico December 26th and Reuben agreed that an adventure sounded like a great way to spend the Holidays. December was busy and by January 7th River and I were on a plane to Anchorage Alaska to do some House Sitting work.  So here I am.. months of not keeping consistent with my writing yet again!

There is a lot of big changes coming for 2013. Or at least for me and those in my life. Maybe the rest of the world thinks they can stand still… But not me.  The last few months have found me deciding where the heck I’m going to go from here. I currently live in Seattle with Reuben and the two Dachshunds. What work I do I travel for and usually have long stretches between jobs, so I am always living like a broke college student without the classes to make people feel like they aren’t totally wasting their time. Because of said jobs that I only do here and there, I do get to travel and see places and do things that many other people don’t. I of course get this rather frowney look from most of my family and some friends due to my won-ton lifestyle. Reuben also has a hard time with it since he is more traditional in the sense of income, future jobs, living space and so on. I haven’t particularly felt like sharing my thoughts as of late because of the ‘concern’ people have for me and the inability to understand that I just don’t want to live my life like that (that being what most people consider successful in a linear fashion).  I don’t move through life linearly. I usually have at least a few things going at once. And I like the flexibility of just picking up and traveling to New Mexico for Christmas two weeks before Christmas.

The last 6 months or so I’ve been working out some rather large decisions for my future. Some of you may know that I was offered the chance to start my own dog training business in Anchorage Alaska. I put proposals together and a business plan. All I needed to do was commit. I also at the same time was working through some possible offers of land to live on, keep my horses and pursue a business with horses. Both angles are just over the top opportunities and something that I am good at, enjoy doing and could stand to be doing for quite a while. Decisions decisions… Love Alaska, love dogs, enjoy working with them. Horses can’t be in Alaska (I won’t put my horses through it at least). So dogs mean no horses. Horses, I’ll have move – probably East where I’d rather not live, its going to be hard, really hard at first and the lifestyle may not be a fit for Reuben. But I know, that the time is now to be making a move. Can’t ‘wait and see’ any longer. For months I was all over the map, working through both possibilities. I only recently decided that the horses was where I needed to put my energy towards. Many details need to be worked out and finalized but the decision part is done.

Reuben and I are trying to figure out what that means for us and I have a feeling that it will take time. The Dachshunds are blissfully happy and Rosie is glowing with health. I’m due to get back from Alaska around January 28 -29th. In March I head to New Jersey for a Tracker class. So things are moving fast.

I hope to continue updating the last 6 months in the next few days!