Spring Travel Plans

Well I managed to put this off till the 11th hour.. as usual… I leave for the airport in two hours (5am).

Sadly I have not even come close to catching up on all the picture posts from the end of 2012’s Summer road trip and of course the adventures leading up to now. I will. Just not before I leave for the next adventure…

Okay, Calendar of events:

February – 27th Fly to Maine (NO River). I am meeting some awesome friends and hanging for a day or two before driving to New Jersey for Tracker class (friend is going as well). I will be in Maine for 3 nights.

March –

3rd -9th Tracker class in N.J. Might not have cell service and will be very busy – so I’ll be available on evening I get out of camp.

9th – 13th Maryland, most likely be staying in Ocean City. How I am getting from N.J to M.D is yet to be determined.

13th – 20th Tennessee, Friends will be doing a road trip with me from M.D to TN on the 13th. I will be in the Johnson City & Madisonville area depending on the day.

20th – Back in Seattle. Will have a little down time, I hope to be out on the Peninsula and maybe a quick visit to Vancouver ~ West coasters let me know if you would like to join!

April –

6th – Friend’s Wedding in Seattle.

7th – Fly to Anchorage AK (with River). Dog Training, house sitting etc. Alaska People, hope to see you & get in touch with me! Odds are that I will be in AK for most of April. I’ll update as I can.

Hope to seem some faces in the next couple of months!

~ Joannie