Changes to the Blog

As you might have noticed the Blog is undergoing some changes. I think my time away from writing has gone on quite long enough. While I am not entirely sure what this revamping will bring in terms of writing content – I am sure it will be a little different from past posts. At this stage I really cannot make anymore large posts that are primarily photos – I no longer have space with WordPress. At least until I decide if I want to shell out cash for said media space. I am also setting up ‘Pages’ that are static (on the front menu) as I have been getting more and more people who I’ve never met as readers, and having context for my posts seems very useful. The ‘Author’ page for example is now the Back Story page, with sub pages like the one for my Mother. Hopefully I will add to these soon in the ways that I feel called. I also felt a need to really spend time on the ‘Places along the Journey’ page and create sub pages for each Place that has been significant for me along the way, both past and present. This will continue to be a Personal Blog for myself – and while I tie in plenty of other people, places, groups, and the occasional product or author – it is and will be foremost my thoughts and experiences. Hopefully with this intent I will actually be churning out regular posts as well as filling in some of the pivotal moments that I haven’t covered from the last 2 + years. That said, I’m only human so don’t be surprised if this is a struggle for the next little bit.

More to come!