Places along the Journey

By the time I was 6 yrs old I had my own mileage card (Plane) with thousands of miles on it due to my family traveling to Arizona and Maryland every year or more from Alaska. I don’t remember my ‘first’ plane ride, I was a baby. Mom and Dad were quite fond of road trips and I have memories of us driving through Colorado and feeding Mule Deer while Jeremy was still in diapers. There are pictures floating around of me in National Parks, Zoos, and other fun adventure sites that I have few or no memories of due to being so young. I come by my wandering ways naturally. Dad probably wouldn’t have travelled quite as much as he did if it weren’t for his job and Mom. But in the end he did and enjoyed the sites. Mom was a lover of travel as is my Aunt Michele who joined the AirForce out of college and has lived all over the place! My Aunt Suzi lived in various states before settling in Alaska.

I’m a hopeless wanderer. I love to travel. I love to see. To experience. I have had a list of places I ‘must see before I die’ longer than I have had dogs! Most girls growing up have their proms planned, their weddings, even the first baby shower. Baby names are picked out, colors schemes and plans for their homes with their future husband (if he isn’t already picked out too..). Or their careers if they were so inclined, College, majors, and such. Not me. I would draw up plans for my horse barns. But that was it for the ‘homebody’ things. I wanted to learn everything, but found ‘school’ to be a waste of my time as child. I wrote stories and read adventure books, later the college text books were added to the list. I set my toys (mostly animals) and Playmobile up as vast landscapes that no human could live in unless they became a part of the land and the critters who lived there. Then I invented complete sagas for them. I ran about the farm in makeshift costumes of Indian scouts, Celtic warriors and Mongol raiders – this mostly consisted of being naked or at most in my underwear but in my mind I was amazing. I would also spend great amounts of time with the animals and pretend that I was a goat or a horse. I had a babydoll, but by the age of 5 I didn’t do much with him. My stuffed animals, I still have.

At this point I’ve lived in 4 different states and have spent weeks and months in many others. I will be hopefully going abroad for a large amount of time in the near future. Each place I have been as impacted me in a different way. Some, like Alaska, I cannot stay away from and find any reason to go back. Others, like Tennessee, I only go back for a reason and a good one at that. But regardless of my personal feelings, each place has its own type of magic, its own lessons and the people are all different yet the same. To keep things simple there will be a sub page for each location that I will add to (pictures as well as thoughts) over time.


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