River ~ The Dachshund

Often known as ‘World’s cutest Dachshund’. And that is certainly what I think. River is my best friend. She occupies this world as a long haired mini Dachshund that usually goes with me. She is 10 years old and thinks very highly of herself. River has been with me since she was 8 weeks old and barely 1 lb! Dachshunds are the family “small” dog. On Mom’s side they have been in the family for at least four generations now. Having a Dachshund is more trade mark than having kids on the Roissier side of things!

Portrait of River

Portrait of River

I mention River quite a bit throughout the blog, though most of her photos are posted on the FB fan page I created for her.

She can be found at https://www.facebook.com/RivertheDachshund

Her Blog is http://riverthedachshund.wordpress.com/   Which I don’t update anymore but you can find her ‘stories’ I used to write back when I had time.

River & toy

River & toy

River goes pretty much goes everywhere with me. She is basically my familiar. Though Support Dog is her official title. She was also my ‘Demo Dog’ dog for years when I did a lot of dog training. She really loved whipping the pups into shape and breaking peoples’ ideas of what dogs – particularly little dogs are capable of.

River & Joannie in Coker Creek, TN 2009


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