End of Summer Schedule

Mid July has already arrived. The Fireweed is blooming here in Anchorage and throughout Alaska – a possible sign that our Summer may end early. The days blur together – as my life tends towards – and the moments are marked in experiences and feelings rather dates and times. Nevertheless, dates help keep thing from being too hectic! So here are the next couple of months to the best of my knowledge.

For the rest of July into August I’ll be in Anchorage. August 8th is the current date I fly east, there is still a small possibility that it could change, but not likely. River stays in Alaska with Gardners. From the 8th of August until Sept 9th I will be in various locations along the east coast, Maryland, New Jersey and New York for sure. By Sept 10th I will be working my way back to Alaska for work. Around mid October I’ll be flying to Europe with Kathy & Dave for a bit of adventure, visit Kathy’s family there and even some dog training!

The dates are as follows:

August 8th – current fly to DC date.

August 8th – 15th Ocean City MD – hopefully see some of my TN family before they start school.

Possible classes in NY from the 16th till the 25th of August.

August 25th – Sept 5th Maryland/New Jersey.

Sept 5th – 9th WildernessFusion class in NY.

Around Sept 10-12th fly back to Alaska for work and such.

October 11th – 22nd ish – Europe!

As always, things shift. If it works to meet up with me – get in touch and we’ll try to make it happen.  ~J





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