Late Spring Schedule

My ‘down’ time in Alaska is about to come to an end. Not that I’ve been quiet and still exactly – plenty of adventuring and chaos to attend to in my ‘slower’ portion of life. Dogs are often the forefront, walking, training, hiking and of course just caring for them. As many dog owners can attest to, it’s the morning your running late that someone has gotten sick on the rug and ‘couldn’t hold it’. Messes aplenty. Particularly when one Beagle who already has the world’s most sensitive stomach gets a hold of a Curry dish that was left out when no one was in the room.

I leave for DC to pickup my car in a few days. River will be staying with her Alaska family for safe keeping. Once I retrieve my car and visit with my Aunt Cathie and family, I’ll head to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, to see Shaun, my Aunt Terry and of course my Cousin Lucy along with many other family members. I will also be seeing one of my favorite friends before she heads back to St. Croy with her husband! I haven’t seen Carmen in a few years and am beyond excited that it worked out for me to leave for the East Coast early.

The following weekend I will be in New York State – South Salem for my 4th WildernessFusion class. I am both looking forward to and anxious about class – seeing as how we are turning in homework this time. By this point we are well into June – and I head back to Maryland for the rest of the week before departing to Alaska so I can prepare (all 24 hours) before my wonderful friends and Earth Sister Carl and Tracy arrive! I love having people visit and sharing some of the things I love about Alaska with them. I will have a little over 2 weeks to try to pack in as much as possible with Tracy and her homebody husband Carl.

By the time Tracy and Carl depart back to Maine, it will be July – damn this Summer isn’t even here yet and I’m already saying its half over! I have some dog stuff to take care of, a diving course to get through so I can get certified when I go to Guam (which may be as soon as this October!!!) and a few possible trips in the works. Hopefully my best friend Lorien will visit me at some point later this Summer and maybe even a Brother if I can get one of their asses up here.

The timeline is:

May 28th – Depart Alaska to DCA. I’ll arrive VERY late in the evening/early Thurs in OC.

May 29th – June 6th — Maryland.

June 6th – 9th — NY State for WildernessFusion Class.

June 10th – 15th — Maryland & hopefully will see Dad & everyone if they visit OC during this time.

June 16th – Back in Alaska!

June 18th – Tracy & Carl Arrive!!!

July 3rd – Tracy & Carl back to Maine.

I’m sure I’ll have to update a thing or two between now and July – but if you’re in the area and want to try to meet up with me – send me an email/text.

Early Spring Sunset

Early Spring Sunset

Here’s to a busy Spring and an even busy Summer! ~ J



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