Spring Post

Another Spring has come and soon will be gone. The Summer Solstice just around the corner. Since being back in Alaska, I’ve immersed myself with work, dogs, books, yoga and my ‘Alaska’ life – which still doesn’t have much of a routine but is a bit slower than being on the road. I still manage trips and adventures around Alaska – hikes with dogs, road trip to Valdez, Motor-home trip with the Gardners to Seward along with all the dogs in tow, kayaking, hiking, plotting out the best way to get a picture – I’m usually up to something. Outings around town – I occasionally catch a movie, hit up a local bar or just enjoy our rather tasty Sushi here in Anchorage. The middle of April I arrived to snow in the higher elevations and still in the shade at sea level. Now just over a month later the buds on the trees have long since turned into leaves and wildflower season is just around the corner. Time doesn’t stand still for anything, least of all my ‘to do list’ and blog! The more I find what life has to show me, the harder I find it to juggle keeping this thing updated. Sporadic internet and an outdated laptop don’t help either – but mostly its just my slacking.

I watched Mother’s Day come and go this year without much comment. I did reflected some about Happier Mother’s Day’s past, I noticed more how much I no longer sit in this place of society that most people in my life do. Particularly friends close in age – heck many still have more than one grandparent! Its strange and rather sobering to sit on the outside with the many so-called ‘holidays’ we have. Kathy (who lost her Mother just over a year ago now) and I mostly grumbled at the overly cheerful people at the store and inquired to our men and friends in life whether or not they had spoken to their Mothers/Grandmothers. Basically at the end of the day, I felt like I should keep most of my pain and grief brought to the surface, to myself, and hope that those who had people to celebrate did so with much happiness.

River has been my constant companion as always, often accented by a Beagle, Pete the Border Collie or even a friend’s dog. Her winter coat is officially too long and hot for the ‘heat of Alaska’ which hasn’t reached over 70 degrees yet – but that is swimming weather! I’m helping her with the shedding by brushing her out – something she seems to have mixed emotions about but takes with ease all the same. Since the Bunny population is in its natural decline this year, the Birds of Prey are spotted even more often and rather hungry, I error on the side of caution with my little Weasel of a Dachshund and limit her freedom off leash; something she is not thrilled about and I get lectured on in her own way.

I head back to the East Coast in less than two weeks to visit Shaun & family and to attend my 4th and final (for year one) WildernessFusion class – which is hard to believe I committed to taking almost year ago. It both feels like forever and just yesterday (as much of my life is wont to) that I standing on the that particular ledge of choice on. The classes have given me some rather major life changing tools and even more life changing people. I will be attending year two – hopefully as will many (all?) of my amazing classmates. River will be staying in Alaska with the Gardners since it is now getting quite hot in Maryland – and she is not a fan of the ticks (frankly neither am I). I’ll post the actual dates and schedule of the upcoming summer soon (and maybe even a post about fun trips??).

As you may have noticed from FB or even this post, I still don’t sleep regularly or much – unless I’m sick – then I sleep like the dead. Yet other than some random annoying allergy-rash that has appeared on my face I’ve been pretty good health wise. Clearly I am one of the few who can somehow ‘live’ on chronic sleep deprived hours. I’m not convinced this is actually a good thing. My memory still is rather holely and soon as I am stressed suffers noticeably. I’m still the queen of long baths (ideally Epsom Salt ones) and enduring back and hip pain. Thankfully I have my own bathroom complete with a nice bathtub in my room at the Gardners house that I can monopolize for hours (half the night sometimes). While my life of sleep deprived pain can be a bummer – I don’t find myself that upset about much (not that I ever did to the point that many people have/do) of it anymore. Other than the random insensitive remarks made about my ‘slacker sleep schedule’ and how I’m too ‘young’ to have real pain – I’ve found some measure of peace with how things currently are (which yep – suck but that’s what is real for now) and instead focus on a sunset or an owl calling to its mate under the full moon.

I hope that as the Spring season turns to Summer, you get out, outside of your house/apartment. outside of your city/town and firsthand experience life in its eon long natural state. Alaska and Seattle are pretty much the only places this Pale Redhead actually gets excited when the Sun is out – but excited I am. And you should be too. Regardless of where you are in life, there is something out there worth seeing, you just have be willing to go look.
Every step is just part of the Journey ~ J


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