Fall Travels & Update

Well, looks like time is moving faster yet again. I’m basically fully recovered from my surgery and doing well. Only time will tell (I’m told to expect about 6 months before I can know for sure) if the procedure helped significantly. But either way I am glad to have it behind me!
River is also fully recovered from her digestion/liver issues that she experienced while I was laid up.

My last week and a half in Alaska was busy and good. There were many Moose to be seen, great sunsets and strange weather. Usually by Halloween there is plenty of snow on the ground and at the very least its cold. This year it was a balmy 40 degrees and lots of rain/wind. The prolonged Autumn weather meant I caught the tail end of the Fall color! I snapped the picture below with my iPhone before the wind storm blew all the leaves away.

Last of the Autumn Colors

Last of the Autumn Colors

River originally was going to stay in Alaska with the Gardners so I didn’t further stress her system out, but she was doing so well and made herself quite clear that she wanted to go with me on my visit to the East Coast for a few weeks. She has been bouncing around and is her usual overly social self. I arrived in D.C Friday evening (1st) – and have been staying at my family’s rental that is empty at the moment in Ocean City – River and I are enjoying the space and quiet for the time being. We visit family and friends in the area, walk to beach and sometimes the boardwalk. The first couple of days in Maryland were a little warm for the both of us with the warm front that had come in…But the windy, rainy and damp days are back so there is less panting on the beach now.

Below: More photos from my iPhone of the world’s cutest Dachshund. She really attracts all kinds of people to pet her wherever we go…

River on the Beach - Ocean City, MD

River on the Beach – Ocean City, MD

Another day on the beach – River enjoys romping across the sand like a rocket weasel shot out of a cannon. She also finds stinky fish to roll in… Which I do not enjoy.

The Sand Rat

The Sand Rat in Flight

My time in Maryland may not makes sense to a lot of people, but having the space to process some things from the last few weeks is quite valuable to me. As is spending time with my Cousin Lucy in the snippets of time we get and friend Shaun. I also have a lot of ‘homework’ to do for my healing class and some other group activities that I need to focus on now that my head is clear (or as clear as it is going to get) from the medications.

My Travel plans have changed around quite a bit since I last wrote things up. Pretty much what happens when I try to plan things more than 1-2 months in advanced… Sadly I will not be going to New Zealand over the Christmas Holidays with Carleigh as planned – she needed to cancel. As expected I’m more than a little bummed but I still plan to go, just closer to the off-season so that the tickets are cheaper! I am putting money & supplies aside just for this trip. If there is anyone who interested in meeting up/tagging along for something like this write to me. I have committed to my good Friend Linda to cheer her up during the Holiday season – since NZ was just too expensive for 10 days in Dec, we are going to adventure around on the West Coast, maybe catch a Show in Vancouver or something equally awesome.

My Fall dates are as follows:

Oct 8th – 31st  ~ Alaska for work & Surgery.

Nov 1st – 20th ~ Ocean City, MD for fun/alone time.

Nov 20th – Dec 5th ~ Alaska for work.

Dec 5th ~ fly back to East Coast to prepare for class.

Dec 7th – 9th ~ NY for Healing 1 class.

Dec 10th – unknown ~ East Coast for a week or two before joining a friend for some West Coast Adventures.

Jan 1st – 15th ~ Alaska for work.

Be well ~ Joannie & River.


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