Recovery Update

I am slowly getting stronger, more mobile and eating more. For the most part every day is a huge improvement over the last, though yesterday I developed a really bad migraine which lasted for hours and dry heaving after abdominal surgery is really uncomfortable, even with small incisions. But with advice from my amazing cousin Lucy, the migraine dissipated and I was able to eat my belated birthday dinner with Kathy & Dave.

Below: What I looked like the first 3 days.

‘Dog Support’

Pete & River were with me as much as allowed. Kathy & Reuben made sure they didn’t get too excited and took them out for walks and such. Once Pete understood that I couldn’t get up and throw frisbee he settled in as my ‘nurse’ and takes his position pretty seriously. Right down to sleep with me on the same pillow… Which is exactly the view I had this morning below.

Waking up to Pete

Waking up to Pete

For my ‘Birthday Dinner’ – In usual Gardner style, we had simple perfection in the form of fresh ahi tuna – both seared and raw. Melts in your mouth, and so damn good that I made my little stomach fit it all. Dessert was none other than Tiramisu, my absolute favorite and a love I inherited from Mom. Kathy made it from scratch and it’s certainly one of the tastier ones I’ve had the pleasure of eating, including whats I’ve tried at high end Italian restaurants. I’m a little floored – both by the amazing dinner and dessert from my dear friends, and by the amount they care for me. Beautiful deep purple flowers for my room, cards, gifts and love ~ Best Belated Birthday ever.

Belated Birthday Flowers

Belated Birthday Flowers

I was going to take a photo of Kathy’s wonderful Tiramisu but I sorta messed it up and ate the pretty pieces… Trust me though, it was pretty and tasty!

Reuben has been a champ, stoically bringing me tea, rubbing my feet, putting up with my opiate sense of humor (its not pretty people) and suffering through reruns of TV shows.

I’m more clear headed today, less medications and more movement.

Slightly more alive Joannie

A Slightly more alive Joannie

I of course still won’t be winning any beauty contests… The whole no shower thing and all.

~ J



2 thoughts on “Recovery Update

  1. Hi Cutie,
    Thinking of you lots today. Bug’s home, and we played horse stuff for hours. So our Joannie-Bug-Guru-girl was on our minds. Good day. Sending hugs. Lotsa love, B

  2. Hi JG,

    Wow!!! Getting caught up with you here… I’d love to chat with you… Please give us a call when you are up to it! Meanwhile, big orange hugs to you, Reuben, and the Gartners’!!!
    Aunt Suzi

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