Surgery Update

Day 3 here. Surgery was successful, they did find some endometriosis and removed it.

As was somewhat anticipated, I did not wake up well from the anesthetic. It took a couple of hours to calm me down, during which time Reuben (one of the friends there to assist me) was brought back to help. Later, Kathy (other friend) was brought as well.

I woke up in a lot of pain which didn’t help my anxiety level. Once they were able to get my pain under control, I could calm down enough to where we were able to leave the hospital. The first night is pretty hazy for me. As the hospital drugs from surgery wore off, it became clear that the painkillers they’d sent us home with were not up to the job. After multiple phone calls, the doctors upped my prescription and I started new, stronger painkillers yesterday (Friday Oct 11) and have been able to move and walk around as much as I’m supposed to for now.

Kathy and Dave Gardner have been absolutely wonderful, going above and beyond in caring for me, along with good friend Reuben Mikes. The dogs of course have been fussing over me and attempting to snuggle only to be dragged away by someone ensuring they do not pounce on me. River unfortunately seems to have taken some of my stress upon herself, or has just decided to go through the experience with me and has contracted some stomach issues of her own that she has had to go to the vet for today but will hopefully pull through with flying colors.

It is still hard for me to focus on much of anything for prolonged periods of time, so Kathy and Reuben help with phone calls and answering emails, but feel free to get in touch.

I’m missing being able to eat a big, hearty meal and take a long, hot bath… but feel like I’m doing pretty well for the most part.

A big thanks to everyone who has kept me in their intentions and prayers.

-Reuben, as dictated by Joannie


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