I’ve put off telling the world this for a while now, but I’m having Surgery this week – tomorrow actually. It’s minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery to try to find the cause of some of my pain. Without going into too many details – I’ve had a lot of pain for years in my pelvis and very little has helped. It impacts my work, travel, life and such. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some answers and maybe even less pain. The doctor believes I have Endometriosis.

I’ll be in Surgery Thursday (Oct 10th) afternoon – Alaska time. I’ve friends who will be with me and helping to keep me from doing too much in the recovery stage – which is only about a week or two. I’ll have lots of furry dogs to keep me warm and company as well. I’m not one to be fussed over, but I will have time on my hands to read emails if people feel the need to reach out.

~ J


3 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. Hey Joannie Gail,
    WOW! Reading your message here… I hope you are well and recovering pain free. You know, I do not have contact information for your friends? If they are willing to share I would love to get their information so we can all keep in touch. Sorry I am just now sending this to you.
    Hugs of Love,
    Aunt Suzi

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