A Quick Note From the Airport

I am actually in route to Alaska as I write this – had some time at the Portland Oregon airport to write this. SO FREAKING HAPPY TO SEE MY RIVERS! Its been much too long since I have snuggled with my Super Rat.

The last month has been a frenzy of classes, travel and new experiences. Overall great and exciting, often tiring beyond belief and sometimes challenging in the most interesting ways. My Healing class with Wilderness Fusion the beginning of September was amazing. If its something you’re drawn to, I cannot recommend it enough!

I had about a 2-week break between the Wilderness Fusion and Tracker classes.  Lounged on the beach (in the shade) hung out with family and friends and planned the next adventures. By September 22nd I was at Tracker School for my Philosophy 2 & 3 class with my amazing Element Sisters – Linda, Tracy & Afsoon! I also got to have my favorite Partner from Philosophy 1 back – Corey along with Tracy’s husband Carl (whom is a good friend of mine as well) and a great friend of Linda’s! Friends everywhere!

The 10-day class was hard, wonderful and scary all at once. The teachers’ great, Tom intense as usual and overall wouldn’t trade the chance for anything. In traditional Element Style, we debriefed at the Brunch Spot in Waretown NJ, after class and laugh our freaking heads off!

I had about 4 days before heading to Alaska upon returning from Tracker, which I spent preparing, visiting with Family & Shaun, A Renaissance Faire and new friends from Tracker!

I expect to be in Alaska till at least Oct 25th – all depends on doctor appointments, Dog training and such. From there I will be on the East Coast will probably a trip back to Alaska for the Thanksgiving Holiday for more Dog stuff & house sitting. My next Healing class is in early December.

 I hope to write about these adventures in more detail and with pictures in a timelier manner than I have been..soon…

~ J


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