Alaska for the week & River

Back in Alaska for about a week this time, just a quick trip. I Came back for a doctors appointment (went well) and more importantly – to be with my RIVER. Ohh how I have missed her. My little River Rat. Also my Super Rat. And my better half… I am enjoying the cloudy and cool weather here. The fresh air (no nasty chicken houses or gross fertilizers here) and the ability to soak in the bathtub once more!

River is thrilled to have me back! I took the picture below of us today while I worked on the computer 😉

River Happy

River Happy

She has been in most excellent care of Kathy & Dave G. Playing with their Beagles and all in all, making herself quite at home. She sleeps on their bed (with the rest of the dogs) and even has a set of stairs so that she can come and go off the bed, since its a tad too high for her short legs! Kathy even handled the dental work River needed (originally I was going to wait till I had a chunk of time to arrange it myself). Kathy & Dave are AMAZING!!!

River & toy

River & toy

I took these picture of her a few months back at Kathy & Dave’s house – seemed like a good time to show them off! And yes some of them are in Black & White – I rather like the effect.

River Sitting-Pretty

River Sitting Pretty

River – while not thrilled at being apart from me, was living it up doggie style and is no worse for the wear. Clearly I am the one with separation anxiety here…

Warning: Worlds cutest Dachshund below (If I may say so myself here..).

Portrait of River

Portrait of River

I sadly will be returning alone on Sept 3rd, due to my classes on the East Coast – but have complete faith that I will see my River again in the same health and spirits as she is now – which can you really ask for more? ~ J


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