Updated End of Summer Plans!

I’ve gotten dates nailed down, plane tickets confirmed and such! Here is the most updated ‘where the heck is Joannie’ list.



18th to 20-21st – Drive down to Tennessee to put some boxes into storage, see the family.

23rd to 25th – Dog Training in New Jersey.

26th – Fly out to Alaska till Sept 3-4th.



3-4th – Back in Maryland from Alaska.

7th to 9th – Class in New York.

22nd to Oct 1st – Tracker Class.


First week of October is still up in the air with final dates, by the second week I will mostly likely be back in Alaska to pick up Miss Rivers and do more work with my AK dogs!

~ Joannie



2 thoughts on “Updated End of Summer Plans!

  1. joannie, Have read several of your posts and by now have some idea of what tracker school is (was clueless before). You are probably familiar with the Alaskan author, Dana Stabenow. Your descriptions of Alaska have that same strong sense of place as hers. I hope to visit it some day. Of course, I cannot help thinking of your mom too. She was a person of integrity, independence and strength who took pride in nuturing those qualities in you as well. But, you need River with you. I look forward to your reunion with her.

    • I hope you see Alaska too Anne!
      Thanks so much for your kind words and for reading my Blog♥ Means a lot to me. I’ve just gotten to AK with my River ~ is so wonderful to have her to snuggle with again. J

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