Back in Maryland Without The River

I’ve made it back to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My last few days in Alaska were a whirlwind of trying to get things done, taken care of and last-minute projects.

As some may know, River is still in Alaska staying with good friends the Gardners along with their dog pack. I miss her terribly and feel a little lost without the patter of her furry feet following me around. I even wake up in the night trying to locate her and thinking that she ‘should have come in by now’ before realizing where she actually is at. As far as River handling things, she seems to be getting along well and isn’t horribly depressed, just a little more clingy to Kathy & Dave. They update me and send photos and even a video or two (I know I’m that person with their dog..) I have total faith that my little dog will weather the time away much better than I will… While it hurts to be away from my faithful friend, it’s a relief that she isn’t going nuts over the bugs biting her or being depressed alone in the farm house by herself – since Maryland is NOT a very dog friendly place. During the summers, no dogs on the beach, no dogs on the boardwalk – all year round no dogs in anywhere remotely like a store (even if they are in a carrier or backpack). The heat makes in impossible to let a dog stay in the car for even 5 minutes. While I understand not allowing dogs to touch the ground of a business place, I cannot help but be rather slighted when I am kicked out of a non food service business because I have a quiet well-behaved dog in my backpack. Children on the other hand touch everything with their snot covered grimy fingers, pull shit off the shelves, run about, scream, cry, whine and all other sorts of disturbances to the public. But its okay.. My dog in my backpack, must leave immediately!  Okay, that’s it for my rant for now.

For the next couple of weeks I have much grass to mow, sun to avoid and sorting to do as I move my worldly possessions to a storage locker for safe keeping (and so that no one has to deal with my things).  I’ll update the projected dates of travel and such as they come!

~ J


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