End of Summer Plans

August is here. AUGUST. I was off adventuring again and the world sped up! I’m still in Alaska (till next week), wrapping up my dog training/sitting work along with the other odd jobs I do. This trip has been pretty exciting so far, Salmon fishing, Moose encounters and Seals (I think Seals are so cool). Stories and pictures to come eventually.

About the Summer plans, I have most of the ‘big’ dates ironed out, there is a few small things still up in the air so a few dates may need to be updated. Due to me having classes on the East Coast where River cannot join in, and not having an ideal place for River to stay while I am partaking, I’ve decided (along with Kathy G.) that the best place for her will be in Alaska with the Gardners and their pack while I am at the classes.


8th Arrive back in D.C. Drive my tired ass to the Phillips Farm in Princess Anne, Maryland.

15th (roughly) Run down to TN for a few days to put some stuff into Storage and work with some dogs, then Back to MD.

28th – Sept 5th Possible short trip to AK.


5th – Back in MD (if I was in AK).

7th – 9th Class in NY.

22nd – Oct 1st Tracker Class in NJ.


6th (ish) – Fly back to AK to get my RIVER! – Not sure if this will be a short trip yet or a work trip (3+weeks).

15th (roughly) – River & I back in MD.

Like I said, some things still have to be ironed out, but that should give everyone an idea for the next 3 months. Work wise I have random jobs lined up all over the place on the East Coast and will probably have another AK gig before the year is out.

I still plan to winter in Maryland when not traveling.

~ J


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