Alaska and July plans

Damn its July already? Wait what happened to the Road Trip pictures that happened with Jackie in June?! Yeah about that, they are coming… I know I am terrible. But I have a valid excuse this time..NO INTERNET!

Okay back to now, Alaska, yes I am in Alaska. I know I was in Maryland, on a farm, living and care-taking and such. But now I’m in Alaska working and earning money for a bit since I have to eat or at least be able to feed River and put gas in the Black Dragon. Priorities here.

I arrived in Anchorage today? Yesterday? Yeah was today, the 8th of July. At 2am so I’m a little confused and then slept for like 6 hours and then napped and now I awake and very confused. I’ll be in town working with dogs, helping my friends – 4 legged and 2 legged till around the first week of August – probably fly out the 9th, back to Maryland. See I am still ‘in’ Maryland as that is where my stuff is currently at.

Jackie is overseeing the Farm in Princess Anne to help keep the mowing under control and to just be around since we have a fair amount of things in the house. Big thanks to him for that. River is of course with me and absolutely LOVING the cooler weather here. Being back with her Alaska Pack is pretty high on the ‘great things in life list’ right under chasing Squirrels I think.

Since I now have internet I will try to churn out all those picture posts that are on a serious back order now…

~ J


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