Very Sad News

On Saturday my second Dachshund Rosie, was killed via being ran over by a car. She wasn’t just my dog as many know, but originally Mom’s (Renée) dog. Mom loved Rosie and took her just about everyone with her. Once it became clear that Rosie wasn’t doing well at the Farm in TN after Mom was gone, I began to try to find a solution when Jackie mentioned that Grammy Gail Roissier (Mom’s Mom) asked about Rosie and what would happen to her. I called her up and was shortly in route to Sun City Arizona to take Rosie to her new home. Rosie perked up fairly quickly once off the farm and by the time we arrived in AZ was doing better. She bonded quickly with my Uncle Ricky who was also living with Grammy Gail. Rosie loved them both but enjoyed playing with Rick. After Uncle Ricky died Rosie was Grammy Gail’s companion. Otherwise by herself, Rosie kept her active and social. When the sad, sad day came that Grammy Gail was also gone, I took Rosie back and while she had major adjustments, she blossomed with River, Reuben and I. Rosie developed a special bond with Reuben and learned how to be a dog again. Both Reuben and I did training and work with her and within 6 months was a totally different dog. Younger, more social and outgoing, and more like the dog she was with Mom.

Curious Rosie

Curious Rosie

When it was time for me to move, Rosie came with me, which was incredibly hard for Reuben who was very much bonded with her. It was important that she be kept within the immediate family and he graciously understood that. Reuben was planning to visit the dogs and I sometime this summer, I suspect to see Rosie just as much as me.

Rosie & Reuben

Rosie & Reuben

Rosie travel with Jackie and I across the United States in the car along with River. She did amazing. She was adjusting pretty good in Maryland minus the bugs, and really loving the open land to romp in.

Rosie Lounging

Rosie Lounging

I of course brought her with us when we drove to Tennessee for a few days. Dad and the Kids hadn’t seen her since August 2009 and were excited to get re-acquainted.  Which just makes her passing all the more painful and shocking in the suddenness. Rosie was greatly loved by everyone in the family on many levels, along with many friends who knew here. There is a whole Sun City, AZ crowd that loves Rosie, Reuben and many of his friends and co-workers love Rosie,  Aunt Michele and Aunt Suzi love Rosie and of course; Dad, the kids and myself. Very sad day. I wish I had better words to say, but more than a simple dog was lost this weekend.

Rosie & River bounding

Rosie & River bounding



4 thoughts on “Very Sad News

  1. With a sad heart I reply saying thank you Joannie for putting such a wonderful writeup about Rosie.
    Hugs from myself, Uncle Tomas, Cousin Hanna, & little Rosebud
    Love, Aunt Suzi

  2. My “like” is for your sharing and your lovely pictures. I am so sorry about your beloved companion. I was just reading some beautiful posts on Andrew Sullivan’s blog about losing pets, and what a leap of faith it is to invest love in beings whose time here is likely to be shorter than ours.

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