We have arrived in Maryland ~ go Black Dragon!

The road trip has come to an end (sad sigh). We arrived yesterday evening to the farm in Princess Ann Maryland. Everyone was very tired and happy to be out of the car! After seeing the Badlands in South Dakota, Jackie and I booked it straight through. No stopping besides gas and water. Being in the packed car meant sleeping while the other was driving was quite hard and more like a catnap at best. We survived and managed to not completely hate each other by the end, though the verbal jabs were coming more to blows accented by actual elbow jabs… The dogs came out in top shape though! And even better my car too.. THE BLACK DRAGON MADE IT!!! All the way across America once again. Praise the road trip and Subaru gods!

So the next few days is getting the house more livable (dusting – cleaning) and to start on the monster mowing job that is in store for us. By the end of this week I will hopefully be plotting out what we need in way of materials and have some measure of mowing done. Maybe by next week we can begin the task of putting the fencing up. The Doxie girls are quite thrilled with having so much room to romp about in.

I do not currently have internet at the farm house, so my phone is the best way to get a hold of me – or email  if it can wait a day – as I do have Kathy’s G. iPad with me which uses 3G and I check that about once a day. Facebook messages are harder to load so please email me @ Joannie.g.miller@gmail.com until I get internet (think weeks into months – not days). I will write up a more in-depth post about Maryland and what I am looking at along with more about the road trip soon and post them when I visit someone who does have internet!



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