A Quick Update about the Cross Country Drive!

Writing from the Signal Mountain Lodge main building in Grand Tetons Park WY courtesy of Kathy G. She is so amazing!  Jackie and I are having a great time. Rosie & River are doing well, trying to adjust to the heat and such. Thus far they’ve chased Wyoming Squirrel and Chipmunk, according to River, she almost had the Chipmunk. The Black Dragon (Subaru) is doing great! Fingers crossed that it will continue to do so!!! After two wonderful nights in the Tetons, we are back to Yellowstone tomorrow and then on to South Dakota sometime in the late night hours after seeing Yellowstone all day – whew.

Below: Montana and some of the many beautiful mountains! We were getting close to Yellowstone when I took this pic. The weather has been great (but hot) and the drive nice.

Montana Mountains

Montana Mountains

I will write-up a whole proper post (and photo post too) once we arrive in Maryland. So for now enjoy the picture that I took out the Black Dragon’s window going 50+ 🙂

~ Joannie


4 thoughts on “A Quick Update about the Cross Country Drive!

  1. Glad you guys are having fun! Forgetting the fact that there is probably not room in the Black Dragon, I wish I could have come on this road trip!!!

  2. Montana mountains, Tetons, Yellowstone….what fun. I have a picture in mind of River and Rosie chasing chipmunks and squirrels. I’m glad you guys are getting to do this together. Badlands and the Black Hills, how cool. Deadwood was a pretty neat place. Keep having fun. Love, Aunt Michele

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