Time got away from me, again!

Well I’ve done it now, even more behind on my posts and getting pictures up! The last couple of months have just flown by in a whirlwind. For whatever reason the normal ‘flow’ that I write with has been off. Instead it feels more like slogging through mud to get the words from had to form. Please bear with me and my fumbling ways lately..

February and March was a hectic nonstop adventure. After only being back in Seattle from Alaska for about 2 weeks, I flew into Portland Maine where my most excellent friend Tracy picked me up. I stayed with Tracy, her husband and their cute dog Bella for a few days. A nice sized snow storm hit Maine the day I flew in, so it was very pretty and white. Sadly both Tracy and I were recovering from head  colds and wanted to be as healthy as possible for our upcoming Tracker class in a few days, so there was no snowshoeing to be had *sigh*. On March 3rd Tracy and I drove her car to Newark New Jersey to meet up with fellow friends Linda and Afsoon at a hotel (and the last warm bed) before we headed to the camp in the morning. The 4 of us had a blast and probably drove the rest of the hotel nuts…

Tracker class was AMAZING. I simply cannot sum it up in a concise way, so you will have to wait (probably awhile) for the in-depth version. It was chilly and damp until the snow storm hit (I know right it snows everywhere I go!) and then it was the bone deep damp cold that sneaks in and never leaves. Whew it was a test for most of us to focus while being uncomfortable. I like to think I passed..but I won’t claim to have. The four of us ladies became even closer than we already were (didn’t seem possible..), reunited with fellow Tracker friends from past classes and snagged some new ones into our group of insane laughter. Was truly a life changing class and I so incredibly glad I pushed through the uncomfortable emotions (of doing the class on the anniversary week of Mom’s death) to be present for it.

Once Tracker was out, I took a train to D.C and stayed with my Aunt Cathie and her family. It was nice to see all my little cousins (some of whom aren’t so little anymore). I stay a night and most of two days before catching a night bus to Knoxville. Sounds sketchy I know..but it was very clean, the nicest bus I’ve EVER ridden and it was a double-decker (which I thought was cool). I arrived first thing in the morning and Best Friend Lorien picked me up. I visited with the family, spent as much time as I could with the younger kids. Again another post (with pictures). It was a fairly nice visit and I didn’t seem to piss to many people off with my strange ways… Okay maybe a few. I did get rather sick the 2nd or 3rd day I was there (school kid germs..) and that made everything much more difficult.

I flew back to Seattle (River!) March 20th. Recovered from the travels (and being sick). Tracked down shoes and a dress for a friend’s wedding here in Seattle. Was a really fun sweet wedding for the both of them, same day I was back on plane to Alaska where I am now. Doing dog stuff, making some money (I have to be able to eat..) and yep you guessed it – arrived just in time for a nice snow storm. We had to hike back to the house the roads were so damn bad with ice.  River is with me this time and very much enjoying the trip. We will be in Alaska for most of April.



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