Cooking in the Kitchen and various other life related things

I may be rather absent from writing lately but I haven’t been completely absent from life 🙂 I was in Alaska most of November to house sit and dog sit. It was very cold and unusually sunny while I was there. I had two Thanksgiving dinners that were both very filling! Reuben flew up over Thanksgiving weekend to see his family so we were able to spend Thanksgiving together. Rosie (newer Dachshund) flew with Reuben and behaved herself wonderfully. River of course was with me the entire time overseeing the dogs in my care.

When not traveling for dog related work I lounge about the apartment in Seattle, cook, read, walk dogs and plot for the future. I’m due to be back in Anchorage in January for house sitting so I have no immediate job plans for December. I’ll get to spend Christmas with Reuben and the Dachshund girls so I’m pretty happy. The last few weeks I’ve been busy with some research -some of which I’ll share on here when I am done- and cooking.

I often cook for Reuben and I since he tends to buy the groceries (and I tend to be more imaginative). Kathy & Dave G sent me back from AK with Moose and Caribou meat for our freezer. I may or may not have driven Reuben a little batty with my inclination to ‘know’ where my meat comes from and that it has to be free range and not full of chemicals and hormones. I do not snub my nose by any means at other people’s places when they are serving meat, I just prefer to get my groceries from good sources. So having a supply of good wild game is wonderful (and much easier on our wallets) plus tasty. Last night I made a moose soup with many vegetables including kale that turned out well. Moose burritos are in the near future and a few days ago we had lamb chops with rosemary oven-roasted potatoes, goat cheese and streamed asparagus. Potatoes and eggs – often with bacon is a common meal in our kitchen too.  The girls usually camp out nearby and wait eagerly for items to be dropped.

Seattle weather is in full swing – damp, dark and usually raining. Lately very chilly/cold and often windy. I don’t mind it though I can say I wish I had a wood stove or even better a fireplace like I had in the farm-house. But alas I live in an old apartment so I’ll keep dreaming (with my warm fuzzy socks on) for better winter days.

~ Joannie


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