Where the heck is Joannie and what about the promised updates!?

Wow is it really November? Eh… yes actually it is, and has been for a couple of days now. Damn I suck at this blog/posting thing this Fall. Well I will give you a short update and the ‘real’ stuff is still pending.

I’m still in Seattle, only just recovered (bare minimum mind you) from the summer. Rosie the lazy/spoiled Desert Dachshund is learning how to become a Seattle adventure Dachshund who doesn’t refuse to walk on leash. River is beside herself to have a buddy to tease/bother/attempt to play with, and both girls are getting along fabulously. Rosie is smitten with Reuben and seems to have become ‘his’ dog if you were to ask her.

I have been battling with getting a watermark on my photos but since I have no money to buy a program, no Photoshop and an Apple (has very little free software for this project) it’s a process and I have very little to show for it (hence no photo posts..). Reuben is valiantly helping me and hopefully I will have something to work with shortly. I again apologize for my complete lack of anything – the fault most assuredly lies with me (and my MacBook, according to Reuben).

I’ve been in a self defense/Kung Fu class twice a week to keep me out and about. I have missed the last couple of classes due to back/hip issues. I know I am young and all but when your bones don’t heal you’re screwed, no matter your age. Overall the class is great though!

Reuben and I have been doing a bit of exploring around Washington and even drove down to Portland, Oregon for a quick weekend with Kathy & Dave G. Also means more pictures for me to sort through..maybe I should rethink this picture habit of mine…

I head to Anchorage, Alaska again in about 10 days for more doggie stuff (training + house sitting – how else would I afford the travel?) with River in tow to brave the snow. The plan is for Reuben & Rosie to briefly join us over Thanksgiving 🙂 After my summer of short but not short enough time with the heat, I think some snow and ice will be just the thing to wake me back up and get my ass in gear.



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