A Sad September

I’m supposed to be arriving in CO, instead I am on my way to Suncity (greater Phoenix) Arizona for my Grammy Gail’s (Grandmother Roissier) memorial service. She died suddenly late Saturday/early Sunday (15th). She was in fair health, sound of mind and active so it’s a bit of a shock to the family. River & I are driving the Black Dragon (pet name for my Subaru) and are currently in New Mexico for the night. We got a hotel room, though last night we slept at a rest stop in Oklahoma. My aunts Suzi & Michele are already in Suncity with Rosie (Mom’s Dachshund that we gave to Grammy Gail so they could care for each other). River & I should arrive late some time tomorrow, and the service is on Friday.

It’s a sad change of plans, I am grateful that I’m in a position to be there during the service to remember Grammy Gail and her life.

I hope your September is without loss and that you remember to call upon your loved ones to tell them what they mean to you, because tomorrow might not be there.
~ J


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