Travel dates UPDATED: Aug 30 – Sept

Hello, to explain the the reasons behind the change of plans is at minimum an entire post within itself. So for now just take my word that by staying longer at the Tracker School in New Jersey I am doing what I truly need to do. And yes, it was amazing. For those who are affected or having a hard time pinning me down, I am sorry and it is nothing personal – just alas part of being in my life.

Down to business:

  • Aug 29th – 31st: Ocean City M.D friends and family! Will be heading South to Tennessee through D.C so possible (quick) get together might be found.
  • Sept 1st -(roughly) Sept 8th: Madisonville T.N (people in the SE of TN nows your chance!). Also picking River back up so she will be with me after this date.
  • Sept 9th – Sept (unknown date since its a road trip) Driving back to Seattle, most likely going by way of Boulder C.O.
  • Early Sept: Arrive back in Seattle W.A. with River!

Things can (and probably will be) changed a little in BOTH directions. Money is usually an issue for me so I often am making changes to help with that as well the places I ‘need’ to end up at for multiple reasons.

Write or call my cell for more details of when I am in your area.

~ J (and River too).


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