Travel Dates: Summer ~ Where is Joannie? (River too)

I’ve mentioned that I will be traveling a lot this Summer and want to see everyone that I can! I’ll be visiting quite a few different states and have varying ability to meet up with people depending on the time and place. So please get in touch with me to make plans if you will be around when I am in town. River will be along for the ride on just about every part of the traveling except for the New Jersey part, she will hang out with the family most likely for the two weeks I’m in the woods (sadly they won’t let me take her with me).

My first trip is back to Anchorage AK from July 6th to at least July 23rd. I will be house/dog sitting – so no overnight camping but I will have ample time to hang out and do some day trip activities!

I’ll be back in Seattle just long enough pack the car and collect Reuben to drive (yes drive) to the Farm in Tennessee hopefully arrive the 1st of August. Because of a time crunch the drive and the quick visit to the Farm will be just Family since Reuben & I have to get to his class in New Jersey by August 5th. On the way to NJ we are hoping to meet up with Reuben’s older sister, and you miss Amy M.  Reuben will fly home to Seattle soon as his class is out and I stay another week for mine. My class will be over by August 18th and that is when all the East Coast people (friend & family I expect to see you!) will have their shot. I plan to spend a day or two in Ocean City M.D and then head back to TN. Once back at the farm friends all over TN I hope to see you and spend some time with you! By end of August I should be back with River and the car in Seattle.

Alright again: I’ll be in..

  • July  = Alaska till the 23rd
  • August 1st to the 4th = My farm with Reuben
  • August 5th = Reuben’s East Coast family visit
  • August 5th to 18th = Tracker classes, Reuben flies to Seattle on the 12th
  • August 18th to roughly 21st = with East Coast people
  • August 22nd ish to August 28-29th = Farm
  • August 30th = Joannie & River drive to Seattle (anyone want to join?)

As you can see we have a lot going on, probably won’t be a whole lot I can alter especially the dates that include Reuben because he only has x amount of time from his job. After Tracker, I am somewhat more flexible BUT still time (and the big one) money are not on my side in the least. So I am crossing my fingers that you’ll be around when I am in town and that I get to at least get in a hug and a hello.

Message me or give me a call so I can be sure your on my list please! ~ Joannie


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