Adventures around Washington (picture post) June!

Up until July I have been working a lot, so the exploring opportunity has been minimal but I still find windows to go. Possession of the Subaru helps the freedom factor immensely. Reuben and I get away for a few hours – occasionally the whole day. Sometimes we have company via Reuben’s good friend Sam, usually it is just us and River. At the base of Cougar Mountain we hiked around with Sam finding a small waterfall, an old logging railroad and closed Mining entrance. The forest was quite dark and my camera not focusing so very few of my pictures actually turned out. So here are the few that did!

Baby Fern

Reuben playing on top of the little waterfall.

Closeup of the waterfall and moss in all its glory!

Reuben & Sam

Our next adventure was a day trip to Bainbridge Island and then on to the Olympic Peninsula to explore the Dungeness Bay area. Lots of driving, but we managed a few pictures here and there.

A Seagull whom flew along the Ferry across the sound.

View of Seattle backed by moody storm clouds. The city had plenty of rain on the forecast.

And the other direction had dramatic clouds highlighted by the Sun. The farther away from the city we got, the more sun there was!

Reuben looking too cool to smile for the camera.

River & I being blown about while looking over the bow at the approaching Bainbridge Island. The wind makes the mild temperature quite chilly.

Reuben & River looking out intently into the wind.

Below: River & Reuben looking very cute together! Although I think River is slightly chilly as she hides from the wind protected by Reuben.

We made to the upper most point facing out into Dungeness Bay. The view was rather good 🙂

Sunlight through the trees.

The higher peaks of the Olympic range.

One of many Cruise Ships headed to Alaska. The mountains in the background are Canada.

The hypnotic sunlight trailing its golden dust across the Bay. One my favorite views of open water is most certainly this!

Reuben on a rock looking into the sun. River was taking cover from the wind and sniffing crabs behind us.

I couldn’t help but post this particular picture – I’m rather proud of it! No special editing or filters, just my shitty camera and I (Reuben modeling of course).  My first thought upon seeing it was ‘he looks like he is about to step off into another world’.

A not quite so glamorous shot of me (trying to control my hair in the wind).

River & I sitting on a washed up log. Reuben had made me put on another hoody by this point as the wind was whipping past.

A cool lens flare pic that Reuben caught of River & I on same log.

The only non awful (not including the bad aperture) of both of us! It’s rather hard to take a decent picture of ones self.

Heading along a little road towards Blue Mountain was very picturesque event.

Flying Hawk (Red Tailed I believe) that we startled out of the middle of the road.

Snow dusted peaks that mark the National Park on the northern side. Anytime I’ve been in the area there are moody and often dark clouds collecting among the mountains on the Olympic Peninsula.

The setting Sun in a recently logged area where only a few but very tall Pines reach for the clouds.

The end of the day (and drive), Sun leaving and everyone was pretty hungry!

On the Solstice we drove out to Lake Wenatchee during which I sadly forgot my camera. Reuben had his little pocket camera which I messed around with and he took a few of me as well. The drive was the best part, going over the Cascade Mountains, hitting the snow line where the Ski Resort is and seeing the many snow melt waterfalls careening off the cliffs and glacial rivers. The few pictures we have are all taken at the lake.

Wenatchee surrounded by the foothills of the Cascades.

The clouds blowing in over Wenatchee. The lake had little waves from the stout breeze.

Shore of the lake.

Little waves crashing over the washed up logs and trees.

Super cool large tree that looks like its been around for quite awhile that River & I were camped out on.

I can look cool too…

Was a fun outing for the Solstice even if few pictures were had. The month of June wasn’t completely spent indoors and Washington is a little less unexplored.



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