What rock have I been hiding under?

Wow it’s almost the end of May… Odd I could have sworn it was still April last week! I’ve been very lax about writing and just generally keeping in touch with people (my apologies). I started working at Teavana (an upscale Tea store i.e retail) in mid April. Was pretty thrilled at first, lots of training to do for it but was fun since the staff was really chill. Then my wonderful manager left the company, a few others had to move on and the corporate spawn came riding in to ‘save us’. Been humming to myself a little tune ‘it’s not forever’ ever since.. though the discounts are quite good for employees. Basically a retail nightmare and all things to never do if you want your business to succeed. Just another learning experience right? Ugh.

My car is now en route to Seattle! Kathy and Dave G. who have been housing it for me have a friend who just happened to be taking a trailer down through Canada and next thing I know, it’s a done deal! Looking forward to have a bit more out of the city freedom, not to mention the better quality jobs that I actually enjoy which immediately become possible with my own transport. Kathy and Dave just keep finding more ways to help me and my futile words of Thank-you still seem wholly inadequate. Maybe if I say it enough it will help makeup the balance!

When not working I’m usually trying to sleep or make some appointment on time. Reuben has been sick a few times within the last month and it seems to linger with me as well. It could also just be the whole Spring season, next to Reuben I think I’m the only person who thinks that other than the flowers budding out, Spring is vastly overrated. But I like to think my dislike stems from the unlucky bunching of dates marking horrible experiences. Like Mother’s Day just a couple of weekends ago. Obviously not at my best. I’ve begun making plans for travel later this Summer. In August I’ll be in learning heaven at the Tracker School and will visit the Farm before or after the class. Details will be posted as they come. Depending on the job scene will depend on how much time I’ll have to fit everything in.

That is the basic overview update on things. River is doing well and finds things to get into on a daily base 🙂

~ J


2 thoughts on “What rock have I been hiding under?

  1. Same here! It really does suck when those types of things happen :/ Sounds like you’re holding up tho!

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