Road Trip to Oregon Part 1. The Coast

My great friends from Anchorage Alaska, Kathy & Dave G. whom I stayed with earlier this year till moving to Seattle, invited Reuben and I to road trip with them to Oregon. I of course accepted, and told Reuben he was welcome to come along but River (she goes everywhere) and I were going. Reuben was able to take some time off work and join in.
The plan was: Kathy and Dave, being the super champs they are, would pick us up in Seattle with their rent-a-car, drive through to the coast of Oregon to a place in Cannon Beach where we would meet up with a few family members (Kathy & Dave’s) to enjoy the beach life for two nights and then head into to Portland. The crew consisted of: Dave’s mom, Kathy’s brother and his two adult girls and grandson, and the boyfriend of the younger daughter. There was also a little Yorkie named Milo to spice things up. No one had to sleep on the floor, but we were living in close quarters. The lack of personal space and quiet was totally made up by having a beach front room.

It may have rained just about the entire two days we were there, but a great time was still had. This is our view from the hotel as we cruised down the beach:

In Cannon Beach Oregon, we have the semi-famous “Haystack Rock,” which is a monolith that the area boasts about. I will concur that it is a very pretty ‘monolith.’ Reuben, River and I walked the beach during scattered rain showers and photo snapped as the wind and rain allowed.

Run-off streams and creeks made little rivers across the beach down into the ocean. The dark and light sand made impressive designs along the way.

River had a blast romping about and exploring the beach. She wasn’t phased by the wind and rain and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I plan to go into more detail and put more photos of River on her blog in a few days. Below you can get an idea of fun she had from the expression on her face I captured here:

The beach had very little debris and shells scattered about. More rocks than I am used to from the East Coast beaches around the Mason Dixon line and below, but no less striking.
A driftwood log with an unknown story of its journey:

Closeup of the wave chewed driftwood:

The wind would really blow at times and with the random rain showers it was a little cold – not just wet. Reuben forgot his hat and improvised with his scarf. According to him, it worked very well and he is a genius for doing it. Personally it was very humorous and gave me all kinds of awful ideas for bad names to call him by. It also did something strange to his hair and resulted in me cringing at every glance…

A pillar of rock as we approached the Haystack (there were many rock formations around Haystack itself):

The Haystack Rock. Reuben really wanted to climb it… but as I pointed out over and over the signs posted said no and the fellow beach combers would make it a costly mistake by calling it in… In the end it seem that the fact of his shoes being too slick on the sharp rocks was the tie breaker and not the prying eyes of the public. My suggestion was to explore when the rain kept the voyeurs away.

*click on photo to see full size*                                                                                                                                    Low rain clouds rolling in, woodsmoke shrouding the hills, rays of sun breaking through the clouds momentarily to highlight the sea mist. I could have stared forever.

The hills got quite a bit of rain during our stay. Flooding in nearby areas. But everyone had a good time.

Sea Cave at the base of Haystack, I would have loved to get closer but I have doubts that the camera would have survived:

Haystack, as close as I could get and still get the whole thing in the frame:

An outcrop of the rock. Many different types of sea birds were darting around. It seems this is prime nesting ground for them:

Rocky Beach. I love the light in the picture!

Rocks among the waves:

Sea Moss? Sea Weed? Whatever it is, I thought it was very pretty:

Sunlight on the rocks. They were a little slippery and I laughed at Reuben who did some interesting hopping around but managed to not fall into the water. River was doing just fine until a wave caught her by surprise and swept her right off! She shuffled back up the beach looking very rat-ish and not that thrilled with her predicament.

All bundled up against the weather! I of course look like I would rather not be posing. Reuben and friends have come to call it my ‘Joannie face’, it seems to be a universal concept that people around me dub me with, unbeknownst to each other.

Reuben posing not much better for his turn. He looks slightly homeless with his bundled up efforts 🙂

A real Reuben smile!

And us together in front of Haystack! A nice passerby took it for us.

Against the wind! The walk back there was a pretty decent gale as the last of the sunlight vanished to give something to lean into. River looked ready for takeoff  the entire duration.

We had a great couple of days at the coast. A hot tub and sauna helped take the chill out of my bones and local restaurants supplied the seafood! I wish we could have had a few more days, but alas. It was a perfect getaway. We packed in the pouring rain and headed to Portland to finish out the adventure…

Rest of the trip to come! ~ Joannie


One thought on “Road Trip to Oregon Part 1. The Coast

  1. Joannie–what beautiful pictures. I love the one with the wind in River’s hair. I like the Oregon coast too! When you get home and get a chance, give me call and tell me about the trip. Keep having fun. Love you.

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