Seattle So Far

It’s been a little over a month since the big move to Seattle WA. I have to say, withholding a few doctor switching problems its been a good move for me thus far. River is adjusting very well to the big city life and other than wondering where all the ‘dogs’ are she is quite happy. Beacon Hill WA is much nicer neighborhood than I originally planned for and Reuben’s apartment is much bigger – not just nicer – than I originally thought. So all fronts are very positive. Living with Reuben has been fairly smooth going and seems like a healthy decision for me for the immediate future. I am sleeping better and able to think about future plans a tiny bit more than recent years. Not sure what changes the future will bring, but as long as it is mutually beneficial Reuben and I will continue to co-habit.

It’s Spring here on the West Coast and signs of warmer days are all around. Beautiful blossoms are abound and I cannot help myself but to snap a picture or two even though I wouldn’t proclaim to be much of Spring or flower person. There is a park nearby that we walk at with woods and ‘out of the city’ type trails.

Pretty concert things!

Characters carved into rocks – no idea what they say but their pretty!

Back the woods almost everything was covered in moss!

Sweet yellow fungi that I found off the trail under the debris.


Cherry blossoms and other buds.

The progression of the buds.

White blossom closeup.

Pink blossoms on the branches.

Pink & White blossoms intertwined among each other.

The white petals closeup!

Raspberry (I believe) flowers along the road.

Seattle has been good to me thus far!

~ Joannie


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