Playing with quotes

Recently I’ve been taking pictures (either my own or ones available on the internet) and putting quotes that I find meaningful to the pictures. Seems to have become a favorite pastime. Odd I know.  The not so good artist in me finds immense satisfaction in finding the best background and font to bring the words to life.

I of course cite the author of the words and leave any photographer’s marks on the photos if possible. The quotes and sayings are pretty easy to ensure that I have cited the correct person, the photos much harder since they are usually random flicker and Google posts.

I love shots of our natural world and words that have depth to them. Like this one below that I put together, not only is the photo beautiful but the author has brought light upon where our connection with a higher power is but also the inspiration of architects which I find a very intriguing idea.

Ah Socrates, who doesn’t love his quotes! And I do live by this idea of wisdom.

I couldn’t agree more with this saying. When I find myself about to crumble it’s usually a random seemingly harmless detail that my mind is focused on. Not the entire nightmare, just the clock ticking on the wall.

I love this Author’s quote. I really enjoyed her series, but this line has stayed with me. It is the idea that this is true that lets me think that maybe it’s possible that people like me are not lost causes.


Since most of us are visual creatures it only makes sense to have a great picture to help the message of the words come through. For better or worse I choose the pictures above to fit with the chosen sayings and quotes. Let me know if you think they flow! Joannie


One thought on “Playing with quotes

  1. I like them all, I think my favorite was the one about friendship, by Shakespeare. After that I liked the forest quote. Although it occurred to me, you have a lot of close ups on grass and leaves, what about pairing this one with a picture of a tree or forest? But really, I love the picture you have with it already.

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