Some photos for the road

Some very fond pictures of one of my favorite places on Earth and the last months living there! Starting as long ago as Oct 2011 with the sunset from the base of Flattop to Feb 2012 just a few days from flying out! When my poor old camera would focus I got a few keepers.

After work I couldn’t not drive somewhere close and scenic to try to get a few pictures of this sight.

And on the other side of the sky, a different color scheme was taking place!

Another great shot. The sun was slowly going down, the wind picking up and making it very hard to use the camera’s buttons!

And directly across was the full moon rising over the mountains.

By Nov we had plenty of snow. I took this interesting shot while at the Williams house for Thanksgiving.

Dec 2011. Dark days and long nights. This is out in the neighborhood walking River.

Feb 2012. The days are longer, the sun higher and brighter! While staying with Kathy and Dave I got to view the sights from their wonderful house!

The coldest month was January and the most snow in February.

Another Sunset!

The snow formation looked more like cotton in the low lying bushes and trees.

The snow just kept coming!

End of February was warm. The snow was doing all sorts of interesting melting. We had so much the it would avalanche off the roof. Here you can see the layers as the ‘sheets’ of snow slowly slide off the house.

I’m going to miss snapping pictures of Alaska! *click  photos to see full size*



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