Flying to Seattle

A whirlwind of things to write about and very little time and even less energy to do it! Tomorrow (Saturday) I am flying to Seattle WA. To live. Goodbye Anchorage (insert omg). It’s kind of daunting but good. The details of it all tend to overwhelm me as all the people who watch my inability to deal and attempt to help me through my creation of chaos (Kathy Gardner, Reuben, ect) can attest to. If it weren’t for my helpers I’m not sure I’d ever quite get my shit together with this sort of thing 😦   Everything has been mailed ahead or is flying with me tomorrow besides the Subaru which will be parked till the snow clears (road trip!). Yes including River (she is flying with me in the cabin-not being shipped or mailed). I’ve whittled my belongings down to clothing and essentials so I’m not too badly burdened. My outrageous amount of books were sent ahead so I only the last 3 weeks worth to deal with (still another box even though I tried NOT to pickup more..). Wow I am flying tomorrow. Weird.

I am moving out of Alaska. Weird. It’s been 16 months since I MOVED to Anchorage Alaska. Shit. My thoughts are something like a whole freaking lifetime has passed since that day AND it was a few minutes ago all tangled together. The curse of living moment to moment is the distortion of time. The curse of my life is how much is packed into one year. Every year I feel further removed from most people. In the span of five seconds I stumble upon five things that not only has that person never experienced but cannot fathom being reality. It’s not actually this empowering or liberating feeling that many seem to think it would be. Its weird. It’s a red flag to people and alienating to me. Many think it’s great, but not as many seem to stick through the ‘experiences’. Either way I’m diving into yet another extreme example of change and challenges that I find.

Moving to Seattle tomorrow. Just another day in my life.


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