Living it up Alaska style

It was bitter cold for close to a month, hitting well below -15 during the day and even colder at night. We got snow a few times which is unusual for being so cold. As of the last 3 days it’s warmed up and now snowing furiously. Today we got over a foot and it’s still going. Getting to work tomorrow morning will be interesting. My Subaru does pretty well but watching the rest the city spin about gives northern roads a whole new meaning.  Driving down the mountain this afternoon the undercarriage was plowing snow and making the tires lose their traction. Kathy & Dave live up past Rabbit Creek on the hillside in South Anchorage. They don’t plow this far out!

Lucky me has a sweet outdoor hot tub to enjoy the woods and shake off the winter chill. I am a huge fan of Kathy’s idea of evening relaxation and have tea before sitting in hot water in the frigid air. River has a few dog buddies to run with and a yard to romp in. All and all we are doing great for being homeless this year. My last day at work is the 21st of Feb and I’m due to fly out that weekend. Orange auntie Suzi is coming into town for work related things and is flying in early to get in a day with me before I head out to Seattle. I’ve mailed my books off, given away the non necessities and unimportant things, continue to downsize to ship things on the plane with River and I. So I seem to making headway with this whole moving ordeal. Can’t say that after all these years of moving around I like it anymore.

The days are getting longer and the weather bouncing around more means we only have about a month of real snow left before breakup starts craving into the routine. I will actually be heading out right as the real fun of it starts (which I’m not upset about in the least). I go to work, spend time with the dogs (both at work and at the place I’m staying at), sit in the hot tub, read books, watch Planet Earth (Kathy has the whole thing on dvd) and try to make myself do the mundane society things like pay bills, go to the doctor, get River’s health records and such. I hate paper work. And I suck at getting things like change of address done (which I still need to do). But taking out the things I fail at I am doing pretty good for February Alaska.


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