Why I haven’t written

I’ve been plain horrible about writing lately. There are a few factors involved beginning with my moving out of my apartment and dealing with work and lining up places to stay, taking care of River who contracted a mild case of Kennel Cough (I wanted to make sure it stayed mild) and of course the biggie, dealing with myself. So it all leads to not keeping the blog current.  I believe I covered the various cases of coming homelessness before but the latest has resulted in us actually moving out this time. Unable to find a 3rd roommate, other roommate wanting to jump ship and of course money concerns (people were wanting me to pay more than the agreed upon amount) we ended up breaking lease (goodbye deposits) and here I am. Originally I thought I would be working till the 12th of February and just couch surf for the last two weeks. But work being the bastards that move slower than three-legged turtles don’t even have my replacement coming back from training till the 18th. So I told them the 21st is my last day. Planning on flying out to Seattle on the 23rd, the day the plane ticket was going to be bought my Aunt Suzi (from Bethel AK) informs me that she will be flying into Anchorage the 24th and wants to see me. So I am now leaving the 25th. This has been more complicated than I thought needful but now that everyone is happy (well except all the Anchorage people who don’t want me to leave and Dad who doesn’t support my move) it seems the move date is finally SET. Now about that plane ticket (just have to get River’s papers in order before then)!

I have quite a few great friends in the area who have offered me housing till I head out. It seems I will land south of Huffman up the hillside to house sit and dog sit for starters (Thank you Kathy and Dave!) and if all goes well I won’t have to jump ship till my aunt comes in (when I will stay with her to get my quality time in) and if for some reason I do I seem to have a few options still. River of course will be in tow. I’m mailing a few things ahead and will fly the clothes and little everyday things I need with me at the end of the month. Things that I can’t bring will be left in the car which I am planning on parking somewhere till the snow is gone. As of right now the plan is to fly back early summer, do some much craved sight-seeing and camping, hopefully get some family and friends from the lower 48 to join and then drive the Subaru back to Seattle. I don’t have much stuff so in theory things should go smoothly.

That is the quick update for now! Oh and my original phone number is now working again!


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