My current state of living

So, update on the possible homeless situation and the coming decisions about moving. First off I will not have to move out of my current place until end of January (provided the landlord doesn’t pull something wacky). So I thankfully will not be couch surfing again quite so soon and will have a much better chance to get things in order for the coming move.  I’ve pretty much made up my mind that I am moving, and that it will likely be Seattle. But I guess it is possible for the location to change. When I moved to Alaska and took my current job the plan (what plan I had) was to live here for a year, stay in same job and do well, try to figure out a bit more about how I am going to live with myself and to revisit my location and job options once the year was up. Well the year mark was in October. So I more than made the ‘plan’. And now the revising is in order. With some of the things I really want to do and see in the next year, I think that living somewhere in the lower 48 is the best course of action along with family time and a few other considerations. I notified my managers that I would be moving on possibly within a month, maybe a little longer. They of course are trying to find ways to keep me on and trying to get more time. But I feel that if I need to move by February that a month is more than enough notice. So unless I feel it is better, I am looking at beginning of February to move out of state.

Thankfully I didn’t have to take anyone up on the help you’ve offered me but know that it means a lot to me. More on the Holiday events soon. ~J


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