And…I might be homeless soon

Yet again I find myself in the peril of being possibly homeless. One of my two roomies moved back in with her parents the end of November. Since mid November other roomie and I have been searching for a roommate to no avail. It seems finding a reliable roommate right before the Holidays is not easy at all. At first we had an idea of who we wanted to live with, now it’s whoever can pay in January and isn’t a creeper. Still. It’s not looking good. We cannot pay everything yet again with just the two of us.. meaning in January River and I would be homeless (but at least have a car this time..) AGAIN. Damn I have horrible time with this. Maybes I am meant to live in the woods, though decidedly not during an Alaskan winter…

SO, if anyone in the Anchorage area know someone who is looking to rent a really nice room, in a really nice house in a really nice part of Anchorage (complete with a garage) please let me know. Otherwise anyone okay with couch surfing? Hostels don’t take dogs or I wouldn’t ask at all.

I’ve been on the fence with how much longer I planned on staying in Alaska, but this not at all how I envisioned making a decision. But I guess we don’t get to choose much in life, only how we are going to deal with the storm. Even worse case being I’m homeless in 2 weeks and everyone turns their noses up at lending a hand, I really want to leave my job on excellent terms..meaning I’d want to give at least a months notice. Not to mention I’m going to have a hell of a time saying goodbye to me dogs.  So I’m by no means going anywhere. It’s just all up in the air.

I was thinking of Seattle if I chose to relocate in the next 6 months. Thoughts? Course it might not be summer time and planned anymore… I’ve my amazing aunt Michele who lives in Seattle with her husband Dave. I have quite a few Tracker and Coyote Tracks mates in the greater Seattle area. Also, one of my best friends from here in Alaska – Reuben now lives in Seattle. So I not without people there. And family is a little more accessible there then Bethel to Anchorage. Which would be quite nice. But I don’t know. I like Anchorage too, even if the city and people have been difficult as of late.



3 thoughts on “And…I might be homeless soon

  1. Ummm…no, you are not going to be homeless in Alaska in January, if I can possibly do anything about it. Seriously. Let’s talk about this.

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