Fresh Powder and Feathered Feet

The days are very short now. It’s almost complete dark by 4pm. Seems like every couple of days we have fresh powder snow falling. Its snowed quite a bit this year. Much more than last year. Couple weeks ago the temperature was going well below zero as well. Some complain, River certainly doesn’t care for the temperature to be below 20 degrees! But I don’t mind overly much. To me it’s all a part of being in Alaska. The snow is just too pretty for words. And the sky when the sun does decide to show his brightness is just a unique watercolor painting during the sunset hours. The other day a large Bull Moose was sleeping in someone’s yard. Just snoozing without a care in the world. Alaska seems to be one of the few real wild places left. Even in the city of Anchorage. You cannot forget that a vast wilderness is only a stone’s throw away. That many creatures that could eat us for breakfast prowl about within the city limits. I personally love it. Many have a healthy admonition to an outright fear based hatred of the way things are here.

The Ravens could quite possibly be one of my favorite animals here. To me they are not large rats-with-wings, but a symbol of nature’s most adaptable and intelligent birds. Due to their vocal cords Ravens cannot speak as Crows (a close cousin) can but their intelligence is rated similarly with Macaws and African Gray’s. There are many native legends and myths concerning Raven and He is often considered to be a form of Creator (God). Unlike any of the other Corvids Ravens have feathered feet to keep them safe from frostbite. They also have feathers that cover their beaks where the ‘nose holes’ are to protect against the extreme cold.  The Picture below was taken last fall before the snow came.

The enormous amounts of photo opportunities is just mind-boggling here. Just picking one focus i.e birds, large animals, plants, landscapes, doesn’t really help. Place me in the middle of a valley and I would be taking pictures for DAYS. And my camera isn’t particularly good anymore. The auto focus is about gone and it’s having a few other hang ups. I really want to get an upgrade so I shoot to my heart’s delight and not just fiddle with everything trying to make it work. I don’t know if my pictures are worth trying to sell (Ideas people???) but they make great gifts and I personally love it. So I hope to continue to ‘fuddle’ with my current camera enough until I can afford a less damaged one.

My Days consist of working, putzing around the house. Walking River. Attempting to sleep. Other than those basic things I don’t do much besides enjoy the outside world and people watching. I’ve been taking some pictures of the winter wonderland, I’ll try to get the post ASAP.

Good Medicine ~Joannie


3 thoughts on “Fresh Powder and Feathered Feet

  1. I think it’d be awesome if you tried to sell your pictures, drawn or taken, it can’t hurt to try at any rate. Is this an idle thought or a serious idea?

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