Some quotes to reflect where my mind wanders

With the way things seem to go, I often find myself thinking that this is true. I’ve so many people that have told me that I have a ‘spark’. A light. A force that captures their interest. But a small part of me wonders if that same spark is what attracts some of the darkest people as well…

I apologize a lot. This is one of my better reasons for doing so!

For all the people that I have a hard time talking to.. I just can’t seem to explain my words and they can’t hear my silence 😦

Need I say more?

I love Ayn Rand. She wrote amazing books back when Women did not write about important topics like politics, war and mankind. She was published as a male author and the public didn’t know the truth of who she was until her 3rd or 4th book had become very popular.

I found this picture and thought that put with Emerson’s famous quote it would be great. I was right.

And when one can’t find that happiness, cannot find someone who can hear the silence, loses her sight of her spark and just keeps failing faster then she can get up…bring out the wine. And when in doubt, send it too.



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