A Trip to the dogpark & Fungi fun

I took River and my good friend’s Springer Spaniels to Conner’s Bog dog park today. I mostly focused on walking the dogs… BUT I did get a few pictures! Today was a pretty crisp Fall feeling kinda day. The wind was blowing pretty good and the clouds doing rain dances across the sky. Alaska seems to have an abundance of mushrooms and moss. Next to ferns, I love fungi for random wild plants so I had a field day.

I’m sadly getting sick again but I managed to find some joy in the fungus today!

The first two pictures are from the trip to the dog park a few weeks ago. Sadly the awesome red mushrooms were already gone by today.

Needless to say next year I’m going to go Rambo and get more shots of these shrooms!

The sunlight lit up the ferns like an movie 🙂

And now for today’s pictures!

Pretty Fall (yes it’s FALL here!) day.

The “silly” Spaniel pups Max & Bella.

I’ve a thing for Ferns…

I took a lot of pictures..Click on them to make them full size!

Trees with moss lit up by the Sun coming through the woods.

Red Berries that cover the forest floor

Amazing Log Fungi

A rather ‘rugged’ looking mushroom.

Sadly my focus on my wonderful camera is dying and sometimes craps out. This one was just too good to delete even though it’s not in focus! (anyone want to add to the ‘get a new camera fund???’ for Joannie)

These little guys were also too freaking cute to delete just because the camera wouldn’t focus! I really wish I could have gotten a clear shot but the puppies were threatening to stomp them..

Whether this guy is naturally twisted or was trampled over by dogs I’m not sure but he looked cool either way!

This dusty red guy came out great! Only took 8 shots to get one in focus!

One of my favorites in the woods! Flower patterned fungus

There is plenty of non-mushroom fungi scattered about the woods here.

Sun lit pines, everywhere I looked it was pretty!

Little out of focus Buttons

Another set of the flower patterned fungi!

River Rat among the Fungi (she was not thrilled at posing for this picture!)

Another Flower shroom

Closeup of the above mushroom

Love the leaf fungi 🙂

Little brown fungi growing on the side of dead moss covered log.

LOVE these two! Especially the black marked guy. Looks like a umbrella.

Fungi among the Fall leaves. Can anyone tell that I like Fungi & Ferns more than Flowers? I’m THAT weird girl…

These tiny guys were quite cute 🙂

River found a Squirrel.. River treed the the squirrel…

River somehow climbed the tree…after the squirrel (swear to god I just stood by and watched the show (along with a few other people)).

River in tree with Bella confused as to how she could get up there!

River did not get her squirrel..but not lack of trying and climbing! Who knew Dachshunds could climb trees??? I guess all the bouldering and rock climbing paid off… I guess I should invest in some spikes for her next!

The afternoon was nice and ended with a rain shower and very vivid rainbow (which I sadly did not get a picture of). I might be sick but I did find some cool things while walking dogs!



One thought on “A Trip to the dogpark & Fungi fun

  1. Some very good pictures, I enjoyed looking at them. There were some I especially liked, but it gets too confusing try and write out which ones they were. Bahumbug. However, I will say that my favorite had to be the one of the walkway that has that tunnel affect going, with all the fallen leaves on the ground. Loved that one.

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