September ~ Continued

So part two of September Sadness ( name of first post):

It hasn’t been all darkness so far this month (that and the Sun still makes it all the out). I work a lot (tons of dogs need my help) and that keeps me busy. Yes it’s hard work, tiring and sometimes very stressful (usually the people not the dogs) BUT I love the dogs and it gives me something to do. I see Stefanie once in a while and get to spend quality time with Emi here and there. Both ladies are very busy with multiple jobs and have a lot going on in their own life but usually still take some time out for me (such good friends). Emi recently has been a HUGE help when I am puppy sitting for friends and taking the pooches out while I am at work and even helping me bath them when we take them to dog parks and they find mud… We also have Sushi dates often         *big smile*!

I spend a lot of my free time (when he isn’t working) with Danny the ‘gym guy’ as I used to refer to him as since he runs his own mixed martial arts gym. We met back in the early winter of 2010 and he helped me out a lot during my cold months of couch surfing. We both got busy with our own lives and drifted off for a bit during the summer (starting right before I made the blog) but seem to have picked up where we left off on our friendship (lucky me). Danny has been through some stuff in the sense that he seems to ‘get’ me in ways that most people don’t. I’ll never forget how kind he was when I was a homeless bum with no car and the fact that he still calls me friend just makes me grin like an idiot – not to mention he spends time with me!

Below: Danny during one of our trips to the dog park in January 2011. (yes I took the picture)

So with my few but great friends I’ve made here in the North I try to focus on the positive things when I can and not let the darkness get to me. September isn’t all bad I know.. some really great people have birthdays like my awesome Cousin Lucy, my birthday twin and amazing friend Carmen (she has the same birthday as I do), and Danny along with others. The Fall Equinox happens (I tend to get pretty excited about Nature’s Holidays) and the snow starts to come in (love snow).

For the (silly) Labor Day event I got invited to some friends I’ve made through dog training and had a wonderful relaxing time (and they fed me a super nice dinner). I got Poodle kisses and sweet potatoes! River got to go too and thoroughly enjoyed taking the boys (said Poodles) bones from them… So I seem to be finding some things to get into and good people to see even with the memories looming and the sever (yes it’s still a problem) lack of sleep. I’m supposed to visit an old family friend soon who has his own fishing business (fresh fish!!!) which should be a blast.

So a big thanks to those who can endure my black moods ~ Joannie.


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