My Health as I know it or lack of…

So as most know, I’ve been sick on and off, having all kinds of issues with staying healthy and managing my back & hip pain. The sleeping issues make everything much worse and haven’t had much luck with actual sleep particularly as of late.

Quick recap on my chronic Physical pain. When I was around 13 years old I horse flip (yes flip not just fall) and basically crush my pelvis. Broke both hips in multiple places clear through, broke my tail bone, my pubic bone and my collar bone. No head trauma somehow. It’s a long story but I was headed for intensive surgery at UT after being at the local hospital where they first worked on me. During the ride (it’s a very long drive from the original hospital) Mom was with me (as she had been the entire time) and doing everything she could think to aid me. I was already in shock (it had taken awhile to get the IV’s in since my body was shutting down from the amount of pain) but still semi awake (they couldn’t give me anything besides fluids because of the surgery). Mom was pretty into energy healing and some other not known ways of first aid for body mind and soul. After an hour and half drive from one hospital to the other they rushed me in to prep me for surgery and took new images to see what was going on internally. To everyone’s shock my bones had somehow “aligned” themselves since the first images taken a few hours earlier. The images before Mom worked on me showed a pelvis crushed and in need of screws, plates, bones needed to be removed and reset because everything wasn’t in alignment. But not anymore. With no external means everything was in perfect place to heal. Having no explanation (Mom certainly wasn’t going to tell them she had ‘fixed’ me) they knocked me out so I could begin to heal.  They told me I’d make a full recovery, be able to run, have kids, blah blah blah. I should go back and sue the assholes who said those things. I might have gotten out in the best shape possible with what had happen, but I’m not the same. The amount of broken bones and damage to my spine would never go away. I’ve tilted pelvis (sadly probably because I wouldn’t listen and walked too soon), scoliois in my back and all of my legiments in my pelvis are permanently damaged in a way that things are too “loose” allowing my hips to dislocate, my sacrum shift and grind in ways it shouldn’t and basically cause problems. I’ve been told by all but the most old fashion barbaric doctors that children would be very dangerous (would have to have a premature C-section if I managed to carry till it was safe at all) and that I really shouldn’t and if I had to try plan on one…But really they said I should just think about other options altogether. This by no means was crushing since I wasn’t sure that I even wanted kids when I first found out and just accepted that this was how it was. No kids for me (not of my own anyways). I was told when I was 16 by 3 different types of doctors that I had to stop running and probably all strenuous activities including riding horses. My answer was NO. I loved to run. I played left Mid Fielder in soccer and ran the whole game. I kept running as long as I could, enduring the shin splints, my bones grinding and clicking, my hip dislocating, constantly straining my ankles when a hip gave out. I finally had to accept that I could no longer continue when I was 18. I refused to give up riding horses, hiking and dancing even though the chiropractors and doctors said I should. I’d go in as much as I had to and tell them to fix me up so I could dance and ride again and start all over. I could live a life with little pain, but no life. Or I could truly live and find a way to deal with the pain the best I could. I have tried EVERYTHING over the years. Anyone wants some advice for hip, back, pelvis or along the lines just ask me! Been working on this shit for years. Met some AMAZING practitioners in the various fields of alternative medicine and preventive as well as traditional. With their help I can still ride and dance (yes it costs me but I can still do it)

Sigh..if that isn’t enough… A couple of years ago my pain changed. I finally broke down and went in to a bone surgeon. After many, many tests and imaging. My CT scan revealed that I had broken vertebra in my lower back. They weren’t from the horse accident. For what ever reason they healed without fusing. Short of a fusion surgery the doctor said he could do nothing for me. I promptly switched doctors and started my path of trying to figure out how I would live with this new pain. I am forbidden to do any flips, backbends, wrestling or sparring or sharp landings. No more break dancing (dammit I was just getting decent), no more gymnastics and no more martial arts. I agreed since all of these things could fracture the other side and then I would in deep shit (as in possibly never walk again). I still dance (just no flips or handsprings), I still hike (just don’t carry more than 10lbs now) I still ride horses if there around (just need to make sure I don’t get thrown), still do my yoga (no more backbends though) and gym training (just no contact). Basically the only safe physical exercise is swimming. Dam the pools here are expensive!

Okay that wasn’t as quick as I planned.. anyways. Now on to my crappy immune system.

I used to be the kid who never got sick, but when I did I was SICK. My parents would tell me of the times I was so sick as child that people would come up to them ask why I wasn’t in a hospital.. Dad feels that the Vaccines I got up until Jeremy had his reaction and almost died are to blame. Our family is obviously sensitive to the crap in them and being the first born means I had all my baby vaccines. Ironically I am the sickly one (even Jeremy who is super sensitive to modern medicine doesn’t get sick like I do). I’ve had all sorts of weird viruses. I actually got sick with Rubella once! And I had the MMR vaccines that is supposed to prevent it and why in our country it’s basically unheard of!!! The doctors were SHOCKED. Guess those vaccines really are crap. Anyway. When I was 15 or so I got a serious staph infection. Took 6 months and serious alternative treatments to get rid of it. I was practically bed ridden for 3 months. After that I did all sorts of nutrition and lifestyle changes. I stopped getting sick. I felt great. Other than some minor things I was doing awesome. After Mom died I had very little appetite for life let lone stupid food and healthy shit. I’m paying for it now. In the last year and a half my immune system has basically died. I’ve only been well for a month and half this year. I’m sick ALL THE TIME. I’ve had strep 3 times, the flu more times than I can count, sinus infections out the wazoo, chest infections and all sorts of crap. Now I’m showing signs of immune disorders and possibly have staph again. They put me on major antibiotics (Septara DS for you medical friends) which kicked the chest and sinus infections but I still have the signs of a staph infection *totally could cry here*. So on top of my chronic pain, sleeping issues I now have no immune system. I appointment in 2 weeks to get a full workup and then on to a phone consult with one the best nutritional and alternative medical doctors in the world (or so I’m told) and last case scenario I well go to the Hippocrates Health Institute : But that would mean giving up everything I’ve got going here in Alaska so I’m really not jumping on plane soon. But if I have to I will.

I’m very tired, when I can’t sleep my pain levels are much worse (so is my immune system). I have new sedatives to try and am keeping my fingers crossed that they help. Just 4 hours of real sleep. That is all I ask!

Sorry the drawn out bad news…but this is what I know as of now.

Good Medicine (for real!)



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