The Sun is out

Today is so pretty, when I woke up from half asleep state around 9am I almost got out of bed to enjoy the outside world before work. But a the lingering exhaustion and words of my friends ‘GET SOME REST’ made me think twice about. At this point I’d only had about 2 1/2 hours of poor broken sleep. I decided maybe this half ass napping would be better than nothing and maybe help keep from getting sicker. So I stayed in bed. Now I glance out the window at the glorious day and can’t help but feel like I made the wrong choice. I curse the fact that I couldn’t get in a measly four hours so that I could enjoy the sun a but before heading into work. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as nice and this time I’ll go out – screw naps.  Beautiful sunny Alaskan days are numbered as Fall comes down the mountains. Need to get out while I can!


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