Quotes & sayings I like enough to share

I’ve always loved Butterflies, not because they are pretty and girly and seem to be “in” right now ~ I’ve always secretly liked them! Also, in the Celtic zodiac my power animal is the Butterfly. So I get more than one meaning with some of these quotes about butterflies ♥

Another butterfly reference and beautifully done!








For everyone that I love and care for, blood relation or no, this sums up my love for all those who have captured it and the means I am more than willing to go for all of you.














Anything with a compelling picture and simple wisdom of compassion and reality, I love! To many of the “dreamers,” as the artists, writers and teachers of the world are called, along with those who dare to dream big in the first place.










So many people ask the meaning of life, search for it, ponder it and seek out possible answers; this is the most simple and to-the-point that you can get in my opinion!





I think this is pretty self explanatory:



A great Irish quote:



Courage and Freedom go hand in hand.


6 thoughts on “Quotes & sayings I like enough to share

  1. It makes a nice saying but that second quote about butterflies is factually incorrect! Butterflies have better color vision than humans- they can see all the colors we see plus ultraviolet (sorry, I am an incorrigible nature nerd).

    Also, the next time you can’t sleep and you need something to do, I suggest distracting yourself with this website about color:

    So cool!

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