Switching the art page to ‘posts’ in it’s own category

Most little kids enjoy drawing and painting, but at some point grow out of it. Some kids pick up a pen and it’s pretty obvious that they have the aptitude for art. And then some children are just born creating. I didn’t really fit into one are, sure I drew and painted with the best of the little kids. But that is what it was, little kid art.. Nothing special. I enjoyed playing with it, coloring books and so forth. So the first time I made a pastel piece that wasn’t kiddy like around age 11 or so my parents were genuinely shocked. Nothing in my prior art said I would ever make something like this. Both Mom and Dad were very supportive of it and thought it was great. They proudly showed friends and family as they came to visit. Dad boasting that I must have gotten it from Mom’s side because no one in his family knew how to create art he’d say with a smile. Mom just shake her head and say Music was her family, Music and Dance. Not Art. So there I was, the first redhead in a few generations Great Grandma O’Keeffe was a fiery redhead but none of the children were..so mayhap my art talent came with the hair coloring-back a few generations.. No one knew but they had a good time speculating. So Joannie became the artist in the family. Mom could draw almost anything IF she had a picture to go by, she could design things on graph paper (Like our many additions we put on the house). But for creating “something” out of nothing, that was my place. Chalk Pastels and pencil were my favorites for years and still for the most part are.

This pretty Fall Trees I did a few years kinda gives you an idea of my style (okay loose idea). I plan on adding the pics of the art as I create them (there are plenty at the farm that I left behind (this one included) so everything that I had from here out will be recent unless marked otherwise. I hope to add to this page and place let me know what you like/don’t like ect!

I just did this last night Below *05/02/2011* for a coworker who just got her own place and wanted art for her walls! I hope she likes it :) her words were; I like sunrises/sunsets, lots of color. This is what first came to mind, lots more to come I’m sure! Hope you enjoy Kitty! Click on Pictures for full size.

Here is another piece while made for someone they asked me to make something that I would also like. So here it is, Morning Tree Shadow

A close up of the mountains with the sunrise I put in. I traced out the basic tree and mountain line with a 2b pencil. Then let the “process” takeover from there and put peaks and limbs where they wanted to be with the random assortment of pastels I currently have.

(Below)   “Mountain Sweep” ~ This beauty is on my wall :)

This is an oldie from a few years ago:

Another old guy inspired by the Moon rise over the hills of Eastern Tennessee.

June 2011 (so far)

Here are my latest prints worth mentioning (or should I say posting). They all currently reside on my wall though if someone comes along and says *that one speaks to me* I may let them have it. I often draw for people so that they can have art to put on their walls. Though I will say decent pastels and actual real art paper isn’t as cheap as one could hope – my fellow friends what do you think? Should I try selling some of it to at least cover the costs of the supplies? Oh and on a side note, if anyone wants a picture or two I’d be more than happy to do one for you (probably for free if I like you!).  Let me know what you think about these guys ~ J

Sunset Tree ~ So not my best piece by any means..but I still enjoy it. It’s sloppy and took awhile to finish the branches  (they are a tad tedious) but overall I was happy I could use bright oranges and not be completely annoyed but it :)

A Midsummer’s Moon ~ I had tons of fun with this one. I cranked it out in about 30 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed working the color scheme :)

Bright Sky – Green Hills ~ I figured since I seem to do okay with the whole sunset – sunrise deal I should more and that working with bright colors (especially since it was a gray day when I did it) would be good for me and help my mind be light. I somehow manage to make this guy in about 15 minutes. Sometimes I just “flow” and next thing I know I’m done and this is the end result! (click for a bigger version of this one. All the pieces need improvement. But overall..thoughts?


One thought on “Switching the art page to ‘posts’ in it’s own category

  1. **Original Comments from the page**


    I think it’s cool you’re putting your art on here 🙂

    edit this on May 4, 2011 at 2:36 PM | Reply Lorien

    Ah! I love the tree with the mountains and sunset in the background!

    edit this on May 4, 2011 at 5:23 PM | Reply Suzi

    WOW! So wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us Joannie Gail. I love your Morning Tree Shadow! And you last one reminds me of the colors from Ocean City sand dunes as well as Tennessee! Can’t wait to see more!

    Aunt Suzi

    edit this on May 8, 2011 at 7:09 PM | Reply Michele

    I really like the tree with the sunrise behind the mountains and the moonrise over the Tennessee hills. Please keep sharing the art work.

    You come by the art it sounds from both sides of the family–your Mom was an artist, so is Aunt Suzi and Uncle Ricky. They got the art talent from Granddaddy Bob–I always thought he could draw almost anything (and he helped me on several art projects while in school).

    Love you,
    Aunt Michele

    edit this on June 8, 2011 at 2:42 PM | Reply Katherine G

    I love your art. I had given up on art for a long time after having a bad art professor in college (it’s always the classes that look like fun that have the worst and most biased professors, I swear…). The professor lost my work and kept picking favorites. The only thing I can draw well is horses. Been drawing those since age 3. I’m ok at other stuff but I wish I could draw scenery and vistas like you can. Pastels and watercolors are my tools of choice, as well. Art is a good release for emotion, too.

    edit this on June 12, 2011 at 6:46 PM | Reply Joannie


    edit this on June 16, 2011 at 1:22 AM | Reply Jenny

    LOVE the Morning Tree Shadow (and close up)!
    Fun colors, fun shades, contrasts, designs… (wonder how many closet artists need a bit of ‘exposure’ to get ‘out of the closet’?) For me, it can become consuming. Maybe for others, too, but we don’t have the courage to share that piece of ourselves.
    Keep on! More!

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