My Casa

Way overdue..but here are a few photos of where I reside these days! Below is what you see when you drive up to our unit. While it’s in a “duplex” area it is by itself (we have our own garage, entryway ect). The main living space in on the second floor with those nice windows!

Our Kitchen is not large but well space and even more importantly well lit! All the painting was done before we moved in but the color scheme is quite nice instead of bland white!

River’s “sunning” spot frog legs and all!

The ONLY house wonderful Aloe plant (which I am desperately trying to make sure it stays alive..) a sweet house-warming gift from Aunt (orange) Suzi!

Our snazzy entertainment corner lol we don’t have much BUT then we don’t want for much!

We’ve three stairs… but only two levels. There is a random “nook” which is currently used for storage hehe but in the long run probably going to be set up for more the “office” area since the printer & wireless stuff is there.

Another of River’s spot (pretty much any of the comfy furniture). I own a very used desk, shelves and a mattress, so all other things are what my wonderful roomies added.

I’ll probably add a few more photos here and there, but that should be a general picture of my place! Nicest place I’ve lived yet (that I wasn’t bumming off of).



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